About Us

What is GPNA?  – it stands for Great Park Neighbourhood Association and has grown out previous smaller residents groups. It is envisioned that it will ultimately be for all Great Park residents and businesses too. A large strong and united voice for people who live here.

We are a non profit community organisation made up of Great Park residents and businesses. We aim to bring people together and create a safe, pleasant and fun place to live.

We work with the council, developers, police and other bodies to resolve issues of concern. Develop social events we can all enjoy.

Our current Committee make up is:

Co-Chair – To Appoint
Co-Chair – Denise Gilholme
Treasurer – To Appoint
Secretary – To Appoint
Biodiversity Advocate – To Appoint

Contact us if you are interested in taking up a role.

Other members:
Cathy Priestley
Paul Cross
Chris Marsden
Gemma Nesbitt
Nikky Jane
Michael Forster
Claudia Birtwisle
Kirsty Martin – Greenside rep
Ruth Hewett – Melbury and Walkworth Woods rep
Sean Hood – IT & Comms

Want to join the committee or help out with an event? Contact us