Committee Meeting 18Jan21


Ref: 2021021 Committee Meeting Minutes 18Jan21 v1.1

Meeting chaired by: Denise Gilholme

Minutes by: Lee Taylor


  • Kirsty Martin (KM)
  • James Allsopp (JA)
  • Stuart Cannon (SC)
  • Nichola Hardy (NH)
  • Rachel Kadansky (RK)
  • Susan Wannop (SW)
  • Nikky Jane (NJ)
  • Denise Gilholme (DG)
  • Lee Taylor (LT)
  • Sean Hood (SH)


  • WIP – Work in Progress
  • NGP – Newcastle Great Park Estates Management Company
  • NCC – Newcastle City Council
  • GPCC – Great Park Community Centre
  • TW – Taylor Wimpey
  • PH – Persimmon Homes
  1. Apologies
    1. Catherine McKinnell (CM)
    2. Claudia Birtwisle (CB)
    3. Anita Lower (AL)
  2. Previous Minutes/Actions (see below)
    1. Awaiting rest of drawings to be updated, should be done at the end of Q1 2021 – add to Aprils agenda LT.
    2. Residents update – last done in December by SH, SC taking over from this month. SC and SH met with RK and will be gathering everything and making it public for the end of the month.
    3. LT having a review of WIP with RK on Friday 22 Jan 21, should hopefully be able to publicise number of items closed out.
    4. Bitesize guides – SC and RK looking at the themes that can be explored. Initially who is who in the estate, and who is responsible for what, how does this affect different cells, cyclic guide, aim for one guide a month, based on what comes up on the resident’s page and what the issue of the month is. Certain details must be included in anything from NGP. Structure, Adoption, Service charges are first three items. JA can help with SC for the service charges.
    5. Residents newsletter budget – Discussion was held regarding submitting a bid for a community grant from Newcastle City Council to fund the newsletter. RK has a newsletter that we could join onto. Need to ensure that we are independent of the consortium and the estates manager. NH suggested use of graphic branding to separate us from the NGP. Current communications are mainly via social media, most of the communications are covering items with regards to the development of the estate, but in future it could be more towards community activities. RK to circulate her template for the newsletter. Consider joint approach initially and see how it works. Proposal to undertake joint letter and if a separate one was required,  we could access these in the new financial year.– Proposed tu undertake joint newsletter and if a separate one is required SW can assist in helping to apply for a Ward Committee grant. For joint newsletter – unanimous support via vote.
    6. Email issues – lots of resident’s emails are going into spam SH will sort this with NGP.
    7. Website is updated for SC as comms officer.
    8. Reports are still ongoing and will be sent once received. LT to follow up.
    9. Bins on site – currently overflowing and would be better to have additional collections – looking at the prices for both options. Additional bins will be added to strategic areas, and collections will be added. LT to discuss with RK.
    10. Melbury adoptions – first phase is almost done and is currently waiting for surveys. Developers and council are working together to get the roads adopted. When each phase is up to adoptable standard, it will be signed off by the council. When all of the eight phases are signed off, Melbury will be adopted by the Council. Adoption fees are paid for by the developers, inspections are carried out prior to NCC or NGP adoptions.
      ADDITIONAL – there are eight phases with regards to Melbury adoption.
    11. SC to engage with GPCC for future Christmas events. Many people want to do things for Christmas under their own initiative, but it would be good for it to be engaged within the community. Events at the community centre do happen, but events on the larger scale are not currently run. Summer fairs would be a good idea that we could use like what Sage used to run. RK talking to Mark from GPCC for events at NGP, SW can help and co-ordinate such events, maybe a big event post COVID-19, or smaller COVID-19 safe events. Can get local businesses involved. Conduit for residents to say what they want to see.
      Small events need some guidance on what they want to run and the liabilities and processes that need to be cover. Possibly a sub working group for event organising. Potential to make bitesize guide for small event organisers.
    12. Raising broken speed sign again – should be getting replaced on Thursday, speed recordings are being taken for information purposes. Residents are big culprits for speeding. Revisit at next meeting.
      ADDITIONAL – speed sign is back in position
    13. Get sketch to RK for traffic calming past the school and community centre.
    14. Spine road time scale – currently on target but have not given current given target date. RK to get detailed plan of work.
    15. Wheel wash – PH is responsible for this, RK is going to chase it.
    16. Letter to Michelle Percy – target this at additional people who are influential for this, maybe SME grant bodies, developers. SW will get some additional names. Be more definitive with objectives. NECC could be included as well. Maybe start having meetings between GPNA and Consortium officials. Core plan, definitions of expectations, draft in expectations, , employment, environment, developers, planners. LT to revise letter.
      ADDITIONAL – Michele Percy will distribute to additional members.
    17. Letter to Catherine McKinnell – Separate letter to MP needed, ask for her to help tie resources together, as we are tying comms together with NGP, NCC, Consortium. We would like to liaise with her on these topics. Aim for a working partnership. Previously she has helped with broadband and got people working together. DG to revise letter.
  3. Work in progress list
    1. Add in “What 3 Words” to aid locating issues – NGP are happy to accept this for locating issues.
    2. Barriers as you enter estate are damaged RK to follow up
    3. Wheel wash area see 2o)
    4. Road cleaning would be good to see these cleaned in spring.
    5. Gritting of Roads & Paths – bus routes, town centre, and school area are gritted. Crash occurred Orange Tip to Roseden way. Gritting can’t be done everywhere as there are standard practices, and cost implications. There are are overland flow. Potentially could utilise French drain for redirection of the overland flows. LT to add overland flows to WIP list.
    6. Light bulbs need replacing in traffic lights RK will arrange repair
  4. Latest meeting with estates manager
    1. Speed sign – awaiting install from NCC/manufacturers
    2. Streetlighting – awaiting parts for 16 broken lights, TW to complete the unfinished lighting in strategic routes by the end of Jan
    3. RK getting an infrastructure plan made for all lighting across the whole of NGP and street lighting to be numbered in accordance with our Local Authority so that when adopted, the work is already completed
    4. Builders waste report – not yet complete, supplier is currently short staffed.
    5. Supermarket – waiting on communication which will be released upon council approval.
    6. Town centre – couple of prospects in legal, it does take ages, could take some time, good sign that it’s moving ahead.
    7. Play parks – RoSPA assessment has been done for some time and remedial works were due for completion in December/Jan but were delayed due to Covid outbreak in the RoSPA team. RK has asked them to price options for new equipment, RK is putting this forward to the developers to one of the options.
    8. Park ranger – applications closed in December, interviews should go ahead soon and conclude by end of Feb, potentially end of place by Feb or March.
    9. Christmas lights – these have been removed and will be looking into Christmas plans for Dec 2021 in march.
    10. Additional bins will be added, and more collections of the bins will be completed on the understanding that we’ll have to pick up the cost through the service charges
    11. New NGP website will go live hopefully first week of February. New issue tracking form will be available to that. What 3 Words can be added to the form.
    12. Access to strategic routes – routes will be opened up and gravel will be added to create a footpath between Osprey Walk and the Strategic Route path
    13. Adoption of NGP by NCC – mammoth task, focus initially is Melbury.
    14. Bank issue – access was the issue, standing orders were working.
    15. Small bridges – being tendered as showing signs of erosion. TW have signed off, awaiting signoff from Persimmon.
  5. Committee Members to be reviewed.
    1. Michael Forster – entitled to be involved and attend as a resident. This will relieve his commitment from the committee.
    2. Chris Gregg – entitled to be involved and attend as a resident. This will relieve his commitment from the committee.
  6. Any other business
    1. Additional Tree Planting – RK will check. NH planting was supposed to be done last year, and gaps in the hedge need replanting. Hedges along old Brunton lane, one side is managed, but the other side is overgrown.
    2. Parking along Great Parkway – going to be raised with the developers for ways to improve this issue.
    3. Parking issues at transformers/utilities maintenance spots.
    4. KM – what is happening with the schools? SW to supply some guidance for this, NCC put an update out for NGP Schools. Potentially 2023 when the school may open.
    5. SH & DG attended biodiversity meeting – biodiversity action plan for Great Park, strategic walking and cycling routes to be done – survey will go out for this. Survey of hedging is planned, to see what is there and what needs to be completed and/corrected. Himalayan balsam is found in the waterway and is an invasive plant, biodiversity action plan will be added to NGP website, SW will supply some notes from the meeting, this includes monitoring the wildlife in the estate. Red squirrels may not have a surviving population in the area.
    6. NH – who owns the access to Havannah from Brunton lane – area isn’t drying out properly as the hedges are overgrown. RK will check this.
    7. SW will email a description of her role with NCC for clarity.
  7. Next Meeting
    1. Tuesday 02 Mar 21 1930hrs


1Monthly residents updateSH/SC 
2Full review of issues with Estates ManagerLT*
3Bitesize guides for residentsSC/RK 
4Chase status of various reports from NGPLT*
5Chase estate drawings (in April)LT 
6Fix issue with resident emails going to spamSH 
7Follow up for reports on estateLT 
8Discuss Bin issue with RK at WIP meetingLT 
9Consider small event organiser bitesize guideSC/RK 
10Traffic calming plans sketchLT 
11Revise letter to Michele PercyLT 
12Revise letter to Catherine McKinnellDG 
13Add overland flows issues to WIPLT 
14Check progress with playparksLT 
 Actions for RK  
 Issue NGP newsletter templateRK/
 Detailed plan of works for spine road to be checkedRK 
 Request a joint meeting with consortium and GPNARK 
 Look into adding What 3 Words to websiteRK/SH 
 Persimmon to be chased to resolve issues with wheel wash at Brunton LaneRK 
 Damaged barriers as you enter estate to be repairedRK 
 Arrange road sweeping of estate with developers technical team for early springRK 
 Review road gritting options for estateRK 
 Orangetip – overland flows near park junction to be raised with developersRK 
 Traffic light bulb replacementRK 
 Infrastructure plans and streetlight numbering to be completedRK 
 Review land scaping for Roseden Way / Brunton Meadows to confirm if there will be trees planted.RK 
 Provide update on landscaping for West End / Old BruntonRK 
 Cell D1 Overgrown and causing visibility issues area to be cut backRK 
 Havannah / Brunton Lane hedgerows overgrown and need to be cut backRK 

Our current Committee Officers are:
Co-Chair – Sean Hood (IT & Comms)
Co-Chair – Denise Gilholme
Treasurer – James Allsopp
Secretary – Lee Taylor

Committee members:
Nikky Jane
Kirsty Martin – Greenside rep
Ruth Hewett – Melbury and Walkworth Woods rep
Stuart Cannon – Communications Officer
Nichola Hardy – West Brunton Farm Cottages and Bruton Square rep

Co-opted members:
Claudia Birtwisle – Traffic and safetyOther Invitees:
Rachel Kadansky – Estates Manager
Susan Wannop – NCC Communities Officer
Anita Lower – Local Councillor
Catherine McKinnell – Local MP\

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