GPNA Update February 2021

Great Park Spine Road

Junction 4-5 is due to be completed April 2021 with the project on target for completion in March 2022.


A review was requested once the winter weather has subsided. ManCo to organise.

Street lighting

Following the streetlight audit in November, a tender has been carried out to put in place an annual contract that is. All quotes are received and this is now with the developers to review and approve with considerations to enhance adoption requirements.

Strategic Open Spaces

The developers are in the process of pulling a tender pack together with a view to starting works in Q2 subject to gaining the requisite planning approvals and permissions. This includes areas in Elmwood, finishing the bridle and foot path from the self builds and lighting to link all the way to the community centre and nursery. In design/planning considerations is to open access to this bridleway for pedestrian access from Ashwood Close, Birchwood Chase and Hazelwood Road. Other areas to be completed are concentrated in the open space south of Brunton Green/Grange and between Greenside, with much consideration to complete surfaces and equestrian routes.   


The design is completed for remedial work to the 2 bridges over the Ouseburn on the strategic routes connecting Cell G to the rest of the park. The developers are working towards May 2021 for site start, subject to planning permissions. It has been estimated there is a approx. 4-6 months work, so a they are aiming for an October/November 2021 completion.

Builders waste

Skips are in place and work will commence early March to finish this planned work.

Town Centre

The supermarket contract has now been agreed and signed between Morrissons, the consortium, and Newcastle City Council. The formal announcement will be released within the next couple of days. It has been disclosed that there is now 3 town centre units at advanced legal stages with one further unit at the beginning of legal.

Amazon Lockers

These have been discussed briefly with the community centre with approval and logistics to be further developed. Other options for location within the town centre are also under consideration as plan B.

Bins in open spaces

ManCo are to cost an increase in bins in open areas with the further request to increase the frequency to which they are emptied.

Winter Maintenance

A cost for the supply and install of Salt Boxes on the estate is to be obtained for the Winter season 21/22 delivery.

Road Sweeping

Request to ensure road are swept at least twice a year in Spring and Autumn

Great Parkway verge damage

As expected, there is considerable damage to the verges on the entrance to the estate during the sledging season. GPNA have fed back resident concerns and suggestions to prevent cars to park here, some landscaping considerations including hedgerows will be discussed. GPNA also expressed resident concerns at the cost of repair to this land. Residents are urged to report illegal/dangerous parking to Northumbria Police

Play Parks

ROSPA inspection and Playdale quotes issued to the developers for developers technical and surveying teams to review and approve. However, work that will progress will be done in phases across the parks, with not more than one park closed at any one time. Work will be relatively quick to ensure they are closed for as short as time as possible. Assured that work around school holidays will be avoided.

Park Ranger appointment

8 candidates were shortlisted and progress to interview and appoint is progressing jointly between the ManCo and consortium representatives.

Annual SuDs maintenance

Work began on 11th February for up to 3 weeks, weather dependent due to the volume of rain and height of water retained in the SuDs.

Speed signage for Great Parkway to Town Centre

Concerns have been raised about the lack of appropriate speed signage. Detailed conversations surrounding planning/compliance have been escalated between NCC and the consortium, ManCo to feedback accordingly.

Great Parkway entrance

Bulbs have been replaced in the lights and a costing to replace the broken barrier has been sought.

Schools update, an update from Sue Wannop, GP Communities officer

  • The land for both schools was transferred from NGP Consortium to Newcastle City Council in January 2021, which was a key milestone allowing us to progress with the development of the site.
  • Broadway East First School – Newcastle City Council entered into a contract with Aura Newcastle in February 2021 to construct the new school building. Work will start on site in March 2021 for completion in 2022. Full programme details, completion date and relocation date for the school still to be confirmed. The school and City Council will be engaging with families at the school over the next year in preparation for the move and Broadway East will continue providing updates to families via their newsletters and on the school website.
  • Great Park Academy – will initially open in a brand new, self-contained and purpose-built temporary block on the Gosforth Academy site in September 2021 until the new building is complete at NGP. The Department for Education (DfE) is leading on the delivery of the new building the detailed programme for which is yet to be finalised. Newcastle City Council has agreed Heads of Terms with DfE for the lease of the site for Great Park Academy. Gosforth Group will publish any updates as they become available on the new Great Park academy website: https// Families can register on the website to receive updates.


The new NGP website went live on Monday 8th February and they are asking residents to sign up to the new quarterly newsletter ‘Park Life’. All residents who sign up will be put forward for the chance to win £100 Amazon gift voucher. Winners will be announced in the first addition of Park Life in March.

Working Together

It has been agreed that the developers will attend or send a representative to a quarterly meeting with the resident associations. On a monthly basis the management company will meet with the developers technical and customer care team to review the WIP log and will provide detailed updates on progress.

Community Police

To inform all residents that our local NGP Community Police Office is Lee Maddison, badge no 3044.

Closing Remarks

If there is anything else that you would like to see in the next update, have any comments on issues raised in this, or would like something to be raised by the GPNA with the NGP management company, or Consortium please contact us by email to

6 thoughts on “GPNA Update February 2021

  • 24th February 2021 at 6:04 pm

    As an Ashwood Close resident facing the Bridle Path we request consultation along with all affected neighbours as to the proposed acces points to the Bridle Path,the lighting as there is significant light polution between nos.5 and 9 Ashwood Close with 2 Street Lamps in close proximity.
    Wildlife need considering in this respect we have a very fragile eco system which could easily be destroyed by over urbanising this location.

    • 24th February 2021 at 6:47 pm

      Hi Peter, I would very much advise that you raise this directly with Newcastle City Council, and the respective developers.

  • 25th February 2021 at 8:33 pm

    In relation to the comment “costing to replace the broken barrier has been sought”

    Does this refer to the barrier at the end of Roseden Way which was damaged by a vehicle a number of years ago, or the one of the two barriers damaged by vehicles at the traffic lights before the A1 roundabout.

    Is it the consortiums intention to reclaim this cost from the driver of the vehicles/their insurer or is it expected that this money will come from the money collected from residents by way of a maintenance charge?

    I find it highly unlikely given the length of time the barriers have been damaged that a recovery from the motor insurers would be successful however I find it frustrating that due to a lack of action from the consortium residents could end up footing the bill for what could have been an easily recoverable cost.

    Look forward to your/the consortiums advices

    • 25th February 2021 at 10:21 pm

      Hi Neil, we will get this clarified from the NGP Management Company.

  • 26th February 2021 at 12:09 am

    Just an FYI the sign up with Parklife button isn’t working on the website.

    Looking forward to Ashwood being joined to the bridleway.

    • 26th February 2021 at 8:04 am

      Hi Jonny – I see that issue with the button too, looks like they haven’t hooked it up. Will forward through to NGP Management Company and their website developer.


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