GPNA Update March 2021

Town Centre Meeting and Update 18th March

GPNA called for a joint meeting between NCC, ManCo and the Consortium for an update on the Town Centre. They provided us with a presentation on progress on the Town Centre (including Morrison’s), Spine Road and Sustainable Transport developments, clearly discussion and effort had gone into this work and it was much appreciated.

We personally got the impression that progress is being made and that they are working with more focus, resource and determination to deliver the outcomes to fill the Town Centre as promised. What was pleasing to see was that the top 5 priorities from the residents are being addressed in the current initial/ongoing/advanced legal proceedings. This may be a coincidence but should in fact appeal to the residents. Having continued support from NCC will support progress and a responsive and welcoming community will in fact deliver more positivity for investment. It is also pleasing to see that Covid hasn’t had a negative impact on enquires.

Great Park Spine Road

Junction 4-5 is due to be completed end of April 2021 with the project on target for completion in March 2022.


Developers are auditing the estate and will be focussing on the urgent areas that need attention first.

Street lighting

MSF have been awarded the streetlighting maintenance contract and we are currently working through a maintenance programme, updating our infrastructure plans to complete an asset register and streetlighting numbering.

Strategic Open Spaces

Osprey Walk path / bridle ways – Plans were issued last month detailing the next phase of the strategic routes at the park. Concerns have been raised around the planning intent for the unfinished bridleway and footpath in this cell, I have asked the developers to confirm if there will be any engagement with the residents prior to works starting.

Design completed for remedial work to the 2No. bridges over the Ouseburn on the strategic routes connecting Cell G to the rest of the park. The developers are working towards May 2021 for site start, subject to planning permissions. It has been estimated there is a approx. 4-6 months’ work, so they are aiming for an October/November 2021 completion – still on target.

Temporary bins have now been permanently fixed in place. Only one bin was moved from its temporary position because it hardly had much in and the one at G West Bridge was still full and so were the 2 bins at the G East Bridge, so IDM moved it to Roseden Way (South side) directly North of the G West bridge bin. It’s approx. 300m from where it was, which should stop G West bin from over filling.

The following NGP areas are planted up:
C3 Hazlerigg arable land hedges
LC1 next to the old project office
D1 Oaklands Northern boundary
Cell G acoustic bund

There is a couple of days planting left on the Wagonways adjacent Orangetip Gardens and Merlin Chase which will be completed by the end of next week. IDM will be carrying out grass cutting in the local open spaces and start herbicide treatment in similar locations next week and then ground conditions permitting start grass cutting the SOS areas towards the month end. All hedge cutting is now suspended until August due to bird nesting season. Havannah/Brunton Lane hedges have been raised with NCC as this area belongs to park rangers/urban green to maintain.


The design is completed for remedial work to the 2 bridges over the Ouseburn on the strategic routes connecting Cell G to the rest of the park. The developers are working towards May 2021 for site start, subject to planning permissions. It has been estimated there is a approx. 4-6 months work, so a they are aiming for an October/November 2021 completion.

Builders waste

This works has started and will continue over the next few weeks.

Town Centre

The formal announcement of the supermarket agreement has been released and we look forward to seeing the progress over the next few months, with the intention of completion towards the end of 2021. It has been disclosed that there is now 4 town centre units at advanced legal stages with one further unit at the beginning of legal.

Amazon Lockers

The lockers are now confirmed to be going into the town centre, more details will be provided when the ManCo has an install date from Amazon.

Bins in open spaces

ManCo installed additional waste bins in the strategic open areas. We will continue to monitor the usage and location of the bins and we will relocate or carry out additional waste collections as required.

Play Parks

The upgrades and repairs of our play parks throughout the months of June and July, completing all works prior to the summer holidays. ManCo are currently creating a programme of works and will share this and illustrations of the new equipment soon.

Speed signage for Great Parkway to Town Centre

A meeting is being arranged with NCC, Consortium and Community Police to discuss speeding and road signage on the park. We are also in the process of pulling together a joint communication to the residents. Further update will be provided once meeting has taken place.

Community Police

To inform all residents that our local NGP Community Police Office is Lee Maddison, badge no 3044.

Closing Remarks

If there is anything else that you would like to see in the next update, have any comments on issues raised in this, or would like something to be raised by the GPNA with the NGP management company, or Consortium please contact us by email to

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  • 25th March 2021 at 5:47 pm

    Further to my previous comment in February regarding the damaged barriers, was any clarification on this matter obtained?


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