Report a Problem

We would like to make reporting a problem more collaborative between the residents, the GPNA, and the consortium. To do this, we have created a public ‘Work in Progress‘ list which is available to everyone at all times. This will be used by the GPNA to ensure that the consortium are resolving issues with reasonable timescales and solutions. In order to raise an issue for this list, please use the contact form below – this will inform both the GPNA and the consortium, and the GPNA will add the issue to the list or gather any further information required for a speedy resolution from the relevant party:

If you would prefer to raise and deal with the issue as an individual then we have some great contact details below:

Contact the NGP Office
If you want to report any issues which need addressing in the open space, roads, footpaths or play parks please contact the NGP Project Office at:
You can attach photos or files to this reporting form, and you will recieve a copy of your submission to your own email address. You may then retain this for your records or forward it as you choose with either the Great Park Action Group or your ward councillor.

Local Police
Local policing in our area –
You can use this email for non urgent matters:

Noise Amelioration
If your house faces the A1 and you are having problems with noise, you might find this useful.  You should have acoustic glazing and special plasterboard to the roof area to dimish noise in the house. Read the planning document here.

Dog Fouling
The developers who own the land we live on until it has been adopted, have given permission for the council to enforce penalties for dog fouling.  You can report any incidents here:
You might like to join the Facebook page started by Ruth Hewitt from the Ark in the Park.

Aircraft Noise
You can report excessively noisy aircraft to Newcastle Airport via email at or phone them on  0871 882 1121 giving the time and date of the incident.