Our First AGM 24th September 7.30pm Bowmont House

The agenda included:

  • Apologies
  • Amendements to the constitution
  • Election of definitive committee
  • Agreement of an action plan based on members views of priority issues
  • AOB

The meeting ratified the constitution and elected the definitive committee who are:
Cathy Priestley Chair
Theresa Chisholm Vice Chair
Claudia Birtwhistle Secretary
Ian Herring Hon Treasurer
Neil Collington
Victoria Thomas
Tom Calvert
Gary Jobson
Sanchit Dutta
You can see the issues raised in the minutes.  We plan to review progress with Cllr Lower after her meeting with the developers in mid October, and take it from there.  With regard to the issues with the management company, could everyone please dig out their contract of sale and check if they are a company member.  You can email the site admin via the contact form if you feel able to share this information.  It will be important to know this information before we are able to hold the directors to account.