Allotment Site Suggestions

Can you please comment with suggestions for allotment sites?
Adam Taeger has asked for suggestions from residents, and below is the text from his email explaining what they are looking for:
“We have received a number of questions recently about when the allotments will be available. Discussions are on-going with the developers to find a suitable location. The agreement with the developers calls for ½ hectare of allotments on the Great Park, which is an area of 50X100 metres (although it doesn’t need to be that shape).
Because of the difficulty we are having in identifying a suitable site of this size in a relatively central, accessible location we are also considering the alternative of having allotments on two ¼ hectare sites which could be located on opposite sides of the Great Park.
I would like to ask you to raise this issue with your members to see if anyone has any suggestions about suitable sites for allotments in the Great Park.
We are looking for one site of ½ hectare or  2 sites of ¼ hectare, which is about 25X100 metres or roughly the size of a football pitch, just to give people a rough idea of how big the sites will need to be. The sites don’t have to be rectangles but they need to be a shape which allows a sensible layout of fairly evenly sized allotments. The sites also need to be easily accessible.”
One suggestion would be near the Park and Ride whcih has support from a couple of members – it seems most people on EMV would not want to add to traffic and parking issues by having it too close to Roseden Way.