Joint AGM / Relaunch of EMVRA and BGVRA

01/11/2017    20:00  Great Park Community Centre


EMVRA          Cathy, Claudia and Ian

BGVRA          Steven and Clair

Apologies from Christine (BGVRA)

Anita Lower (councillor)

Ruth (Ark in the Park)

13 Residents

Purpose – to discuss the relaunch of a western side of Great Park residents association.

All agreed we have a mandate form the residents to form one larger RA rather than having smaller separate RA’s.  Felt that there is strength in numbers and that a larger RA will be more representative of the needs of all residents on the west side of Great Park.

Discussions around several topics:

David Abercrombie  (DA)

All residents present felt that responses often took a long time to be received from David when they have submitted concerns or queries be they in person or via email.

All agreed that communication in general needs to be addressed, not only in regard to David but also from the RA’s.  Communication needs to be accurate, succinct and timely to inform residents of developments in the estate.

Cathy and Claudia advised that DA used to send out a newsletter (? quarterly) and that they were unsure why this has stopped – needs discussion with DA to address this – no-one as yet to take this forward.

The Great Park Website – all agreed that this seems to be out of date and that it needs to be updated – DA will need to be approached to do this – no-one as yet to take forward.

Purpose of the RA

All agreed that the RA needs to be there to represent the residents as a whole and to take forward issues that affect the whole of GP.

Discussion around what to call the new RA – all agreed on the following:

Great Park Neighbourhood Association

What do we need to do next?

We need to amend the constitution of the current RA’s to include the following: That we will be a voice for the whole of the Great Park to the west of the A1 or words to this effect.

In other words we need to increase the area of benefit worded in the constitution.

How do we get our voice heard by residents?

The following were suggested as a means of communication;

A leaflet drop – EMVRA have some funds which could be put toward this.  Anita also mentioned that Castle Ward has moneys available for such community projects and that we could access this – all agreed this would be a good idea. To explore further when we meet again to elect officers to the committee.

Facebook – post onto Facebook groups our intended actions – we will need to reduce to one Facebook page once we join up to become one large RA.

Newsletter – produce a newsletter to be posted to residents – much the same as a leaflet but would have much more info in it.

The way forward?

Tell residents what we are about – a group to work with the consortium and DA to move Great Park forward for the benefit of the residents.

To organize a social event to give us a chance, as an RA, to met residents and show them that we are a group for the good of Great Park.

?? have a stall at the Community Centre Christmas Fair?? – all felt this would be good – no-one as yet to take this one.

Ensure that we are not a group for residents to continually complain / whine at……


We need to get momentum going….

Great Park Neighbourhood Association – unanimously voted as the new name!!

Sort out the leaflet drop

Post onto the Facebook pages that the residents who came to the meeting all agreed that we need to move forward in a positive way.

We will not be a brand new RA – we will be an expanded RA recognising the whole of the western side of Great Park as our members.

Invite our local Community Police Officer to come and talk to us – Lee Parker is the CPO for Castle Ward.

Involve Anita Lower in our way forward too.

Claudia to look at funding issues.

Temporary committee needed to take things forward – Steven will liaise with Cathy re this.