GPNA on the Up!

A very positive and productive committee meeting has resulted in the election of officers and a plan to move forward.
The full minutes will be published soon – a brief summary of the plans agreed includes:

A brand new web site and working with other groups on Facebook. We want people to know where to go with any issues they have, and find out what is happening on the Great Park. We also want to involve everyone who wishes to have input, but feel more people need to know this facility is there, so promotion and communication is paramount right now. The use of this web site is just a temporary measure.

We are committed to working openly and will find ways to share with residents all communications which do not contain personal information.

We will set the agenda when communicating with third parties to ensure residents are heard.

There is more – watch for the minutes which will be published under Meetings in the main menu.

Elected officers
Gemma Nesbitt & Cathy Priestley are co-chairs
Steven Meldrum Secretary
Ian Herring Treasurer
If you want to get in touch, use the contact form on this site, which will go to one of the Chairs as an email.

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