A New Start?

GPNA were unable to have any communication with the consortium during 2018. The officer appointed for day to day running of the management companies did not have the authority of the previous Project Director and was only able to make lists of issues, rather than resolve them. We wrote to the company directors asking them who the key decision makers were and how residents can effectively communicate with them in future. We also expressed frustration that they had effectively closed down all channels of communication unilaterally. We received no reply and have since learned these directors are no longer in post!

Olly Thompson was appointed as Project Manager in January, working for the consortium on infrastructure delivery and as “agent” for the management companies. Links with him are being built up, he has attended one of our meetings and will attend a quarterly progress meeting with the council and residents’ representatives. We welcome these moves, it is certainly an improvement on no communication. Only time will tell if actions follow the words!

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