Can You Help???

Following our AGM when three additional residents joined the committee, we are due to meet again on Wednesday 10th at the GPCC to decide who does what.

We still could do with more help, especially now that there is an opportunity to take some action to hold the consortium to account.

As agreed at our AGM in conjunction with GPAG, we now have further details of what the HorNet lawyers propose in terms of a viable case and crowdfunding for this. So far they have done all the work pro bono, and any case would be on a “no win no fee basis”.  The focus would be getting a lehgally binding declaration from the courts about how the builders and their management companies will conduct themselves in future, laying out clearly the rights and resposibilities of each party.

Whilst it would be possible for any group of residents to take this forwards, it would be best done by a constituted group, so it is crucial at this time to support GPNA in the long term interests of residents.

If you are interested in helping with this or any part of GPNA work, please come along.

If you would contact us to let us know you are coming that would be great – just use theĀ contact form.

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