GPNA Update

GPNA Update

The GPNA has not been as active as we would have liked over the past few months due to dealing with the changes in the committee’s work/lives through the pandemic, however trust that we have still been meeting and pushing for answers on a limited basis. We are now back on top of things and would like to provide an overall update as to where we believe the topics below are currently at. If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on our website, Facebook page, or by email at  

We would like to take this opportunity to once again welcome Brunton Residential and Guinot Salon to the community and hope that once they open their doors, they can flourish within it.

The GPNA had discussed having a community day when we last met in person, which we were planning on holding in June/July. Due to obvious reasons of the pandemic, we have put this on hold until we believe it is completely safe to do so.

We were also due our AGM in May, however again this was postponed due to the pandemic. Since we do not have a clear date for likely vaccines, we are going to organise this digitally for the community so that we can still carry it out as safely and effectively as we are able.

Moving forward, we are going to be publishing a weekly update for the residents which will be made available on our website and shared onto our Facebook account. We hope this will allow for ample updates to be provided to residents about all the various ongoing developments in our community. If there is anything that you would like us to cover in our next weekly update, then please get in touch with us at and we will add it to our agenda.

This initial update will cover some of the higher-level developments that we believe the residents are requesting answers for. Please see the following update from ourselves below.

Who is currently working for consortium?

Currently Jacqi is working part time Monday to Friday. She deals with website queries, service charge queries, and invoicing. The consortium is also reviewing the structure of the management company and are looking to employ a full-time estates manager to help Great Park thrive and to deliver the standard of service that residents expect. We anticipate the estates manager role to be filled and operational by August.

Work In Progress List

The estates manager will be tasked to review the Work In Progress (WIP) list and the processes in place to resolve outstanding issues. The current list of WIP known to us (the GPNA) can be found here:   

If your issue is not on this list and you would like it to be, please get in touch with us at  

Shops / Supermarket

As you are all aware the estate agents and beauticians are currently fitting out their units ready to open very soon. There has also been a lot of interest over the lockdown period for business owners ready to invest in the area, with two of those businesses hopefully moving onto the legal/terms in July. We expect more to follow suit in the coming months. The supermarket has had the pre-application submitted, awaiting the councils review. If all goes well, the consortium expects building of the supermarket to commence early next year – we will keep you updated as things progress through the councils’ review.


As per the latest government guidance, the parks will be open for use from 4th July – please respect the social distance guidelines if there are other families in the park. Can we also take this opportunity to remind you that there should be no dogs in the parks.


The planning application for the new Broadway East First School within Cell A was validated on the 28th April and is now being considered by Newcastle City Council officers. We will be asking NCC for an update on this matter. To see the plans, please refer to the Councils website under application reference 2017/0666/04/RES. Unfortunately, we do not have an answer from NCC/Consortium on the second school however we will ensure this is included on our update next week.


The lighting between Greenside and Great Park which is half finished is awaiting works to be completed by SSE. This work was due to be completed in March, however SSE contacted the consortium once lockdown was announced to say they would not be carrying out any works until August. Now that lockdown has been lifted, we have asked the consortium to chase this date and see if we can get it pulled forward.

Great Park Ranger / Community Officer

The Great Park Ranger costs £15k per year (Richard Hamilton). The community officer costs £18k per year (Sue Wannop). Both costs are part of S106 contributions and are funded by the developers. An Annual Nature Reserve Contribution will be in place for Cell A to cover Havannah which will be £7.5k per year additional. I have asked to see if we can get job descriptions of some form written up so that the GPNA can help ensure that Newcastle City Council stick to their duties and help the community thrive.

Contributions made in S106

We asked the consortium other than the Great Park Ranger and Community Officer, what other contributions are made by the developers in the S106 agreement. They are as follows:

  • Bus provision                     £2 000 000
  • Education                            £6 000 000 (plus 6.1ha of land)
  • Affordable housing          £4 095 000
  • Employment and skills   £     72 623
  • Sports Pavilion                   £   290 000
  • Highways                            £3 150 000
  • Nature Reserve                 £   203 166

Current committee make-up

Our current Committee Officers are:

Co-Chair               Sean Hood (IT & Comms)
Co-Chair Denise Gilholme
Treasurer            James Allsopp
Secretary             Lee Taylor

Other members:

Nikky Jane
Michael Forster
Kirsty Martin – Greenside rep
Ruth Hewett – Melbury and Walkworth Woods rep
João Ortale

Co-opted members:

Claudia Birtwisle – Traffic and safety

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact us on our website, Facebook page, or by email at

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