Update The developers have agreed for the police to act on what is still their land.  If you see illegal parking i.e. on footpaths or causing an obstruction you can report the licence number to the local police on 101, or contact our community officer at

It is the way of living next to a school that at least twice a day the traffic increases, what isn’t acceptable is the fact you cannot get off your own driveway when you’d like to, car’s driving well over 20 mph & even pedestrians allowing their children to wizz along on scooters whilst you try to leave your drive with no regard for the fact that people actually live here now & it is no longer the empty building site it once was. I do not understand why parking is actually allowed on the main road without white lines to ensure we’re not blocked in on a daily basis. I don’t think these same people would appreciate this behavior if they lived here.

8rosedenway – Sat, 18/05/2013 – 17:20