Community Centre Management Meeting

At Brunton School on Monday February 11th 2013 6.30pm.  Organised by Newcastle City Council, the meeting was well attended by residents from all over the Great Park. There must have been 50-60 people there.  The meeting was lead by Sue Wannop, Greak Park Co-ordinator, Newcastle City Council and a presentation was given by Glenn Pendleton, also from the council whose role is to facilitate and support community run facilities.  In attendance was Anita Lower, one of our local councillors.  Eleven people were “elected” to be on the Centre’s management committee, three of them from East Moor Village.  They then chose their Chair, Secretary and Treasurer and will meet for the first time in early March.  Our thanks to our three members who have volunteered to put in the time and effort.
There was a feeling from many residents that they had not been involved with events leading up to the meeting, and it was agreed that the new Management Group would endeavour to work in an open and transparent way – part of their job will be to decide how they achieve this goal.
If anyone else is inspired to help, there is scope for them to be co-opted as members, so do contact one of the existing members below if you feel you want to get involved:

Marcus Ball – East Moor Village

Simon Birtwisle – East Moor Village

Emma Alcock – East Moor Village

Ruth Hewett – Melbury and Warkworth Woods

Olav Veldhuizen – Melbury and Warkworth Woods

Ida Bateson – Melbury and Warkworth Woods

Anya Cook – Brunton Grange (flats)

Calum Baker – Brunton Village

Stuart Anderson – Brunton Village

Sara Walker – Greenside

David Maxted – Greenside