Landscaping between EMV and the A1

Work on this has now begun with the installation of newt barriers as the first stage.  This whole area is home to the great crested newt, which has to be protected.  Barriers are erected to contain them away from any earthworks prior to commencement.  The are four major parts to the landscaping.  The piles of earth existing now have to be shaped into bunds to reduce traffic noise and will then have trees planted on them.  This work should take place next to the A1 and behind the newt protection.  The existing trees are to conserved and also the natural wetland near the A1 which is used by the herons.  The area between the foot/cycle path and the pylons will be cleared of rubbish and put down to mown grass. The flat land between this and the bunds is to be a wildflower meadow and will be mown only twice a year, in the early spring and the autumn.  Trees will also be planted in parts of this area.  There is a plan for this work – watch this space – when it is available it will be posted up.
Over the winter, the developers responsible for each part of the estate should be tidying up the beds on the estate and replanting any gaps.