Don’t Shoot the Messenger!

Anita Lower, our ward councillor, has asked us to share this statement from the consortium from her meeting:

Good morning, there have been resource issues at the project office and some difficulty recruiting new members of staff. As a result updates have not been provided as expected. Taylor Wimpey will raise this at the next Consortium Board Meeting in December and we hope additional staff will be in place in January. You will see that work on the Town Centre has progressed but the Town Square is approximately 1 month behind schedule. Progress on letting the retail units is still very positive with offers received on all but four of the 19 retail units at full asking rents. The Agents are working hard to turn offers into a position where heads of terms can be exchanged and to date we have issued heads of terms on five units and agreed in principal on a further two. Many offers are still subject to the Anchor supermarket retailer and progress on this is very slow. Similarly pub operators are awaiting a decision on the supermarket operator before making offers. 
Taylor Wimpey meet the Agents monthly to progress matters and we hope to issue further positive news in December.

We would normally suggest to our members looking at the NGP  web site  but it appears this is not being updated either.
The resource issues referred to may explain why we have not had a response to our letter sent by email to the management company directors in August asking about roles and responsibilities within the consortium and future methods of communication with residents and their represenatives.
The statement above raises some further questions for residents, such as:

  • What work, if any, is being conducted on behalf of the management company?
  • How long has the management company now been without an agent?
  • If there are no staff, or fewer, then we would expect that we will not be charged for their time!
  • Is the management company in a position to respond in a timely fashion when people are moving off the estate?

There may be more questions you have – email us or comment on social media.
In the context of poor or non-existent estate management, you might be interested to know about this – happening on Wednesday 14th!!
Your MP, Catherine McKinnell, is supporting it – she will feel encouraged if you drop her an email thanking her!!

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