No Formal agenda set for this meeting.

Points to be discussed:

  • Matter of a Parish Council (PC).

There have been rumblings on Facebook re setting up a Parish Council for Great Park.

What would it mean to have a PC?

Possibility of greater and more powerful representation from a PC.

You do however need 250 residents in support of a PC for one to be set up.

Consensus – A PC sounds to be very separate to what we as a Residents Association are aiming for.

Would be another ‘layer of beurocracy’  –              RA talks to PC

                                                                                                PC talks to council

                                                                                                Council decides

Felt that we need to discuss this with Anita Lower – Steven to invite her to our next meeting if possible.  STEVEN TO SORT

Our RA does not have an official position re a PC.

We would however be open to discussions.

  • Main interests of RA

Discussed that one of our main interests is the development of the  ‘Town Centre’ and how this will influence our residents.

  • Play Park

Discussed the new play park south of East moor Village.

Is it in the right place – very close to the pylons.

There are revised plans for the play park – ANDY still waiting on these.

  • How formal is the RA?

People have been in touch with Adam Teager about the RA.

We need to move on with the RA

Need funding in place – this is in process of being sorted.

How will membership work?

Talked about the following – will membership be automatic or not – yes but will need to register to have access to the website etc…

We need to make it clear what membership will give residents – a voice to make concerns known and an association to communicate those concerns.

Members will also need an invite to the AGM.

Membership will be automatic but residents  will need to contact us to activate membership and enable access to the website.

  • I.T.

Access to IT on googledrive will be as follows:


Secretary (in charge of registers etc)

IT lead

(Matt, Steven and Andy)

  • Facebook

Will be going live very soon –        ANDY TO ACTION

Those who email and facebook request will get an email reply when they have registered their interest.

Will need to mention that we are still a new group / RA and that things are progressing.

Also need a post to go onto Laura’s facebook page –        Steven to sort.

Also need a poster for those who do not have immediate access to IT (Bowmont House)

Clair has a logo which we will be putting onto the facebook page and also onto the poster.

We must ensure that we signpost residents to the RA facebook page.

  • Finances and funding.

Bank account in progress.

Must  remember that we need a separate funding applicaton for each activity.

Ie :  web = 1 application

Event = 1 application

Printing costs = 1 application


Decided that 1st funding priority must be for I.T.

Agreed and completed funding application form for 2 years worth I.T. funding to Newcastle City Council.

AOB:      Nil.

Meeting closed at 20:00 hours.

Date of Next Meeting :   Not yet set.