BGVRA Committee meeting

18/04/2016 Falcons Nest 19.00 hrs


Matt (Chair)

Craig (Vice-chair)

Yan (Treasurer)

Steven (Secretary)

Claire (Events)

Christine (Com Member)

Minutes of the previous meeting.

Not formally addressed at this meeting but taken to be a true and accurate account.

Matters arising.

  • Main item is that we need to set a date for the AGM.

Discussion took place and all agree with the above – that we need to set the AGM date

Date set is as follows : 06/06/2016 which is a Monday evening.

Venue – to be held in Great Park Community Centre

Time – 19.30 hrs

Steven to contact the Community Centre to book the room.

At the AGM we will need to outline the following:

What we want to achieve in the next year

Thoughts on this included the following:

  • To address the issue of speeding vehicles on the estate roads.

? Ask the local school children to design signs that could be erected on the lamp posts. Would need to liaise with the school and Anita Lower re this.

  • To possibly organise a social event.
  • To elect / re-elect committee members for the next year.
  • To continue to work on behalf of the residents and to continue to work with the consortium to raise resident’s issues.

The form of the AGM

  • Call to order
  • Elect / re-elect the committee.
  • Give a report on the previous year’s activities.
  • State the accounts for the previous year.
  • To answer questions – but only those that have been submitted by the due date which will be 2 weeks prior to the meeting (will be made clear on the Facebook post and the poster which will be displayed – date will be 23/05/2016

Steven to sort Facebook post

Claire to sort poster and put this date on it please (questions by 23/05/2016 via Facebook or email). Also to put on poster that residents can stand for the committee, nominations by the above date.

Matt to talk to school and Community Centre re posters please

Other actions for all to do:

Each to buy a couple of bottles of wine for the AGM, 1 red and 1 white.

Christine will get glasses, soft drinks and some nibbles.

Bank account

Matt and Yan reported that the application for the bank account is almost complete.

At present only Matt and Yan are signatories but more signatories can be added at a later date.

Following on from the bank account it was felt that at present we do not need a ‘Web page’ as well as the Facebook page we have.  If in the future we want a ‘Web page’ we would need to apply for funding and find someone to build the ‘Web page’ for us.

All agreed at present that we do not need a ‘Web page’

Other matters for discussion.

Recent posts on various Facebook pages / groups concerning several issues.

  • Anti-social behaviour at the picnic bench area.

Several posts on FB re groups of teenagers, broken glass drink bottles, graffiti, fire damage to picnic benches.

How to address this – some replies on FB re the possibility of CCTV – who would monitor/fund this.

Is there a PCSO for the area?  Steven to contact Anita re this

Matt raised the issue of ? a youth club being set up at the Community Centre.

  • Youths playing football ‘late’ in the evening.

Some residents raised concerns re youths playing football at approx. 8pm accompanied by loud music and loud swearing.

Felt that it is up to individual residents to raise this with the Community Centre management.

Our view was that ideally playing football is not a problem but the loud music and swearing is a problem.

  • Dog waste

This has been mentioned on numerous occasions on various Facebook pages.

The stance of the consortium is that they will not provide separate bins for dog waste and that if current bins are used for dog waste they will be removed.

Residents continue to ask why bins will not be provided and the answer form the consortium is the same each time – that separate bins would cost more to maintain hence the service charge would have to be increased.

  • Recent updates from David Abercrombie. (DA)

Phase 1 road completion:

Block paving is in process but there is no firm date for the completion of the tarmac.  DA tentatively suggested August 2016 but cannot give this as a firm date.


Issues with contractors parking in visitor bays, blocking residents drives, parking on residents drives, parking in the streets.

DA has stated that he is reporting each care to the respective builder on a daily basis. 

Residents are to encouraged to contact him directly and email him with a photo if available.

All contractors should be parking in their respective compound and not in the areas mentioned above and that all contractors / employees should be aware of this.

Site office on Phase 1:

There have been several dates given for when this will move – the latest is the end of May 2016.

Residents to monitor and report if not done by then.

Street lights:

These are to be reported to DA if they are defective via email.

Steven also advised that he had reported several via Taylor Wimpey Customer Care email.

  • Monthly drop-in session

The next drop-in session at the Community Centre with DA is this week (21/4/2016) from 1pm to 7pm.

Steven and Craig will attend at 1pm.

David has information re further developments in the area:

The bus service and recent issues – the bus company will be in attendance from 3pm to discuss issues and proposals to the route.

Cell C – Persimmon will have on display plans for 130 dwellings on Cell C next to Esh Plaza.  This was originally earmarked for commercial development but is now to be residential development.

Cell D – this is the cell beyond Brunton Green.  DA has information re this cell but also information about the proposed Spine Road which will join up the main road into the estate with Kingston Park Road.

All at the meeting agreed that the Spine Road is needed as at present we only have one way in and out of the estate.

Other actions

Steven to collate all questions we have raised with DA and check that we have answers to all – if no answer Steven to contact DA.

Next meeting.

All agreed we need a brief meeting prior to the AGM – will need to decide ASAP, suggested approx. 10-14 days prior to AGM, venue for next meeting The Falcons Nest.

There being no other business to discuss the meeting closed at 20.30 hrs.