Committee Meeting 07Dec20 Minutes

Meeting chaired by: Lee Taylor / Sean Hood

Minutes by: Lee Taylor


  • Claudia Birtwisle (CB)
  • Stuart Cannon (SC)
  • Sean Hood (SH)
  • Lee Taylor (LT)
  • Nikky Jane (NJ)
  • Anita Lower (AL)
  • Denise Gilholme (DG)
  • Apologies
    • Rachel Kadansky (RK)
    • Catherine McKinnell (CM)
    • James Allsopp (JA)
    • Joao Ortale (JO)
  • Previous Minutes/Actions (see below)
    • Estate plans still awaited (LT)
    • Monthly residents update went out in November – got some feedback from the residents, (SC) to look into improving these for the residents
    • (SC) joining the meeting with (RK) 08Dec20
    • Christmas tree has had good feedback from residents
    • Try and book in time with (RK) to review the full WIP list
    • WIP list originates from NGP – list was cleared out when we took it over
    • Feedback has previously been sparse, but (RK) has improved this
    • Current WIP may become redundant with updated NGP website
    • Membership to be reviewed over Christmas (LT)
    • (LT) talk with Sue Wannop (SW) with regards to newsletter budget
    • Letter to (CM) with regards to her latest updates – communications via consortium have some disparity to those that come via NGP GPNA (DG/LT)
    • Three businesses are interested in taking units, but some are holding back until the supermarket has broken ground
    • Unification between GPNA, Consortium, NGP, MP, & Councillors responses and updates
  • Work in progress list
    • No new updates
  • Latest meeting with estates manager
    • No updates
  • Any other business
    • Unification of approaches to communications – best to take the emails to the shared email boxes
    • Lots of people complaining that they do not get a response when they email the NGP general email address
    • (SC) taking communications role – confirmed by vote
    • Chase street lighting report, builders waste report, new website (Jan 2021), NGP separation agreement (NGP currently owned by the consortium), supermarket status, dog waste bins
    • Residents have right to enforce variations to the planning application where it has not been done correctly
    • Waterways in the estate are over several authorities
    • Supermarket is still in planning – only small changes needed now such as internal layout and parking provisions.
    • All bins are dealt with by NGP estates
    • More bins/frequent emptying
    • IDM is currently emptying the bins
    • No current requirements for public waste bins
    • Specialist dog waste bins need to be emptied to clinical waste
    • Might be taking on a maintenance person
    • 90 additional houses applied for in Cell D by Persimmon
    • Saving Newcastle wildlife are asking people to refuse for the cell A due to the fence
    • Spine road – issue with old Brunton Lane do not have permission yet to close it yet have already adjusted it, so currently in a legal squabble to deal with it.
    • Melbury Christmas lights -nothing to do with Anita, but apparently, they are a massive legal responsibility.
    • Chase up how Melbury service costs are covered – can Melbury be put on a focus list for adoption.
    • Look at approval methods for Christmas tree at Melbury
    • NGP will replace the dead tree at Melbury, but it must be suitable to fit with the landscaping
    • Cannot decorate the tree in the first year
    • Residents have crowd funded to put lights up
    • NGP may need to deal with it, on a Health and Safety basis – may need to issue an infringement notice
    • Angel trail – organised via Ruth, linking in with the Christmas Festivities
    • Original organiser has left the group, and someone else has taken over
    • (DG) has offered support, not heard anything back yet.
    • Several food vendors interested in bringing their services to NGP
    • (SC) to contact the community centre with regards to the Christmas festivities
    • Traffic speed sign still not working – still under warranty
    • Wagon way is currently closed, more traffic going down Roseden way can we do something to encourage more residents to go via the eastern access road.
    • Look at potential furniture to be added to Roseden way to reduce vehicle speed
    • Potential raised crossing and improved lighting to reduce risk of people being hit.
    • Joao Ortale – resigning from committee – thank you for your participation.
  • Next Meeting
    • Monday 18 Jan 21 1930hrs


1Estates manager releasing updated plans as completed – LT to chaseLT 
2Monthly residents updateSH/SC 
3Full review of issues with Estates ManagerLT 
4Bitesize guides for residentsSC 
5Review members joining datesLT 
6Residents newsletter budget – check with Sue WannopLT 
7Letter to Michelle from GPNA wrt town centreLT 
8Draft letter to Catherine McKinnell about recent updateDG/LT 
9Check with NGP if there is a general email issueLT 
10Update website to show (SC) as communications officerSH 
11Chase status of various reports from NGPLT 
12Enquire about more bins to be added to the estate, and/or more frequent emptyingLT 
13Check adoption status for MelburyLT 
14Discuss proposed Christmas events with the community centreSC 
15Raise speed sign issue again with council and NGPLT 
16Check potential road furniture that can be used for traffic calming between the (new) access road and Brunton lane (past the school) – raised crossing and improved lighting?LT 
17Timescales to be checked for spine roadLT 
18Wheel wash next to Brunton lane floods onto the lane during heavy rain – report to NGP to pass to the consortiumLT 

Our current Committee Officers are:
Co-Chair – Sean Hood (IT & Comms)
Co-Chair – Denise Gilholme
Treasurer – James Allsopp
Secretary – Lee Taylor

Committee members:
Nikky Jane
Michael Forster
Kirsty Martin – Greenside rep
Ruth Hewett – Melbury and Walkworth Woods rep
Stuart Cannon – Communications Officer

Co-opted members:
Claudia Birtwisle – Traffic and safety

Other Invitees:
Rachel Kadansky – Estates Manager
Susan Wannop – NCC Communities Officer
Anita Lower – Local Councillor
Catherine McKinnell – Local MP
Nichola Hardy – West Brunton Farm Cottages and Bruton Square rep

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