Notes from meeting held between EMVRA & BGVRA


Present : Steven, Craig, Nathan, Cathy, Claudia and Ian.

Discussions around the service charge and the lack of bills / information being sent out form the consortium.

No bills have been sent out for approx 24 months

Discussion around the accountancy fees which would appear to remain high.

At the last drop-in session Claudia asked if the accounts software had been actioned and also advised that residents felt there had been a disproportionate increase in the service charge considering what is actually being done.

Melbury and Warkworth are not to be adopted by the City Council.

Rumour that Elmwood area do not pay service charge – possibly because that land was always earmarked as commercial?

Should we merge the 2 current RA’s to become 1 large RA for the west of the development.

Some advantages but alos some disadvatages.

No real consensus at present.

BGVRA have an offer of a chairperson – Steven to chase up and sort a meeting out.

Would the new chair be happy then to become chair of 1 larger RA?


Steven to sort out offer of chair person.

Both RA’s to put on Facebook re do residents want one larger RA or remain as we are?

Steven to organise next meeting for BGVRA

Steven left at 20:15.