BGVRA Committee meeting

Falcons Nest, 19:00 hours.


Matt Deacon (Chair)

Craig Kaminsky (Vice chair)

Steven Meldrum (Secretary)

Christine Young

Clair Sanders (Events)

Main discussion proposed to be Service Charge and the Drop in Session.

  • Steven, Craig and Christine had attended the drop in session organised by David Abercrombie.
  • We had the opportunity to view a map showing in greater detail what areas are maintained by whom.  Some areas are maintained by IDM and some are maintained by the builders.
  • In order for residents to understand this David Abercromie is to send a map to each Residents Ass and also to the residents who are not paying their service charge.
  • There will also be a summarised breakdown of the service charge and where this is spent.

Some goes to IDM, some to the management company, some to staff costs, cell specific and park specific.

  • Also pointed out that there is a shortfall in the total income versus expenditure and that this shortfall is being met by the builders (TW / Persimmon) and was approx. £44,000:00 in the last year.

This will reduce over time and residents will pay more in time.

  • Issues such as the borders on Lynemmouth and the ‘green’ in the centre of ‘Elemore’ are at present maintained by TW : therefore residents are NOT charged for this.

David has advised that some areas of Great Park management are going out to tender this year, namely Account and Legal.

There is no official procurement policy (Craig raised this question) but David Abercrombie would be happy to send a letter out to confirm that he ensure that the tendering process will be competitive.

Craig and Yan to attend the Data Room to view the accounts in their entirety, The will need to sign a ‘Non-disclosure agreement’.   They will also seek advice as what we can do with the information they see.

Need to contact D Abercrombie to advise that Craig and Yan wish to view the accounts in the Data Room.

Town Centre

The lack of progress is one of the main areas of concern for residents in Great Park and the lack of progress / information is equally frustrating.

One of the main areas of objection is the proposed location for the Pub.  The plans show that the pub is now 20 metres further north than planned to attempt to reduce the potential for noise pollution.

If the current plans the council are debating are rejected then David Abercrombie added that  this could knock back the whole Town Centre by 1 year if not more.

Also mentioned that David had advised that the option to simply fill the Town Centre with flat could be looked at by the builders with a strong chance that this could indeed happen.

Other areas of discussion.

EMV – the play park.

Fencing is now in place and there are bins in the playground.  If these bins are filled with dog wast they will be removed.

Allotments – still no progress.

Craig mentioned that this contravenes Section 106.

Parish Council

There have been several posts on Facebook about setting up a Parish Council to take over the running of the park, to maintain the roads and pavements and to replace the RA’s.

David Abercrombie advised Steven and Craig that this would be extremely challenging to do:

  • The PC would need to buy all the land at commercial value (upwards of £1,000,000 per acre for residential planning and building of houses)
  • The PC would inherit ALL bad debt.
  • The PC would need to set up a Ltd Company.

Discussed RA’s in general.

There have been Facebook posts suggesting that 1 RA would be better than all the separate RA’s.

No real consensus on how our RA feel about this.

 Actiosn to be undertaken and by who:

  1. Matt to explore a new bank account
  2. Steven to sort minutes and Facebook update
  3. Clair to explore the planning portal and email the RA with the link to enable all to explore the planning portal.
  4. Craig and Yan to organise Data Room access.
  5. Steven to email David to ask if any of the current shop units are close to being used.
  6. Need to set a date for the AGM (provisionally June 2016)