Minutes of meeting held on 20/02/2018 at Great Park Offices


Steven Meldrum (secretary BGVRA)

Clair Sanders (BGVRA)

Christine Young (BGVRA)

David Abercrombie (Great Park Project Director)

Susan Cargill (Great Park Project – new member of team replacing DA)

Purpose of meeting:

David Abercrombie is stepping down as project director.  Meeting to discus this and meet his replacment.

Replacement is Susan Cargill.  She will be working 2 days per week – concerns raised about how a 2 day post can possibly replace a full time post. David advised that there are 2 other members of the team (Steven to chase the structure of the ‘new project team)

There will also be an engineer on the team and a ‘consultancy’ element who will drive forward the town centre.  DA advised that this structure will be cheaper than his salary….. 

Discussion around communities officer – Sue Wannop – she is no linger in the post, has been replaced by Any Stillwell – the consortium are paying for this post.  Await her contact to the RA’s.

The Management Company have taken the decision to move out of the building on Brunton Lane and are relocating their offices to vacant office space within Great Park Community Centre. Staff working into the current offices are contravening H&S by working alone,  also staff hav been subject to abuse from residents.  Moving the office to the GPCC will result in savings being made – DA did not state how much these savings would be. 

The community centre goes from strength to strength.  It is very well used by residents and there are to be changes made to the current management structure there.  These changes will result in reduced operating costs.

Junction of Roseden Way and Wagonway Drive – road markings are to be painted very soon.

Area of Roseden Way just below the town centre – this area suffers from repeated fooding and the road and path are wet vitually all of the time.  David was aasked why this has not been rectified considering it has been a problem of months now.  David advised that there is a large water main that has to be diverted – no timescale was mentioned as to when this will happen- the town centre landscaping and paving cannot be done until the water main is diverted.  Steven, Clair and Christine all expressed that this is not acceptable and that this needs to be rectified asap.  David or Susan did no mention a timescale for this.


As above re water mains works needing to be undertaken by Northumbrian Water……

There is a GP surgery who are very keen to open a medical practice here in GP – unable to state who as DA advised that they had not been told which group of GP’s were interested. Also they would need to build a surgery building.

Shop units:

A pharmacy is due to open, they hav eto open by July 1st 2018.  If they cannot open by then they will ‘pull out’ of he town centre.  Concern raised that a pharmacy is to be the first shop and that residents would rather see a shop where they can purchase milk and bread etc…..  advised that the pharmacy is to be the first unit opened.

DA will now NOT given any firm date for when shops will be occupied and open.  No reason given as to why…… DA also mentioned that when a unit is let the proprieters will then have to go through planning for the shop front and signs they want.

A major retailer is hopefully due to sign on Monday 26/02/2018 – neither David or Susan would say who.  (Steven to chase this up w/c 26/02/2018).

There will be a person who will be in place to drive forward the town centre….. DA advised this would be in the form of a consultancy and their purpose will be to promote the town centre.

Other matters

Report due to come out with regard to the landscaping and how it has been carried out and if it has be done according to the plans for GP.  DA advised that there are some areas that have not been maintained as per the plans.  One example is the grass by the SUDS – this is meant to be kept longer but DA felt it looks better with short grass just off the path.  Other areas are similar.

SAGE fun run – this will not take place around the estate in the future.  This is due to Newcastle City Councuil and the fact that they will no longer allow the roads to be closed around the estate.  Surprise and disappointment expressed from Christine, Clair and Steven  re this.  DA advised that it will take place on Northumberland but not sure where. 

Drainage works – Northumbrian Water recently undertook a large sewer replacement between phase 2 and 3.  Still a sewer smell at times.  DA advised that this needs to be reported to Northumbrian Water.

Maintenance – areas around phase 1 still not being maintained.  DA advised that the aras in question ( the green at Elemore, the perimeter path, the planting in the borders) is still Taylor Wimpey’s domain.  The consortium will NOT take this on until it is at standard.  Any issues with this need to be sent to TW.

Cycle Path under the A1 – in progress……

General areas – multiple areas of metal fencing, builders detritus etc still all over the park.  Forward details to Susan Cagill.

Pot holes – Christine and Clair asked why these are not being repaired.  DA advised that if they are it may result in the cost having to be passed onto residents.  Christine and Clair advised that they do no feel that it is right that the cost of the roads be passed onto residents when it is in effect the fault of the consortium (heavy wagons and trucks) that the roads are in the mess that they are.

Other info:

email for Susan Cargill as follows.



No other business.