Changes to NGP Management

In case you hadn’t heard, David Abercrombie has left his role as the sole Great Park Project Director and agent for the Management Companies. He has a new role with Taylor Wimpey still related to managing delivery of the Great Park infrastructure.  Day to day running of the Management Companies is now with Susan Cargill.

The existing officers of BGVRA and EMVRA have met with David Abercrombie and Susan Cargill who have explained some of the changes in how the GP management companies will be staffed and how this will impact on residents.
Just to make it clear for everyone, David Abercrombie’s role was mainly as Infrastructure Project Director responsible for delivering the infrastructure and dealing with planning applications for the consortium. The secondary part of his role was as their appointed agent for the management companies and much of the day to day running of them. We are told that Susan Cargill is not a direct replacement for all of these functions. Her part time role will be confined to day to day running of the management companies, and infrastructure development will be divided between the builders, with David Abercrombie now working for Taylor Wimpey NE.
Susan Cargill is an ex council planner and has good knowledge of the site, but she will be responsible to a director from one of the builders who will be the Management Company agent as part of his role, expected to use one day a week of his time. It is expected that Susan Cargill will have an office at the GPCC, or failing that the town centre in order to be more accessible. The Brunton Lane office will be closed on grounds of cost and isolation. We are still to have the discussion with Susan, as to how she will engage with residents, but there are no plans for drop in sessions. We need to clarify if her role has anything to do with infrastructure delivery, as this is the basis for many residents’ concerns, rather than purely management company issues. We also plan to set up a way of working with Newcastle City Council via the new GP co-ordinator. This is absolutely vital as the council are the only independent means of quality control across the whole GP site
All residents queries are now to be submitted via
You can read the notes of the BGVRA meeting below. . ..

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