GPNA Update on the current position

It is important that both residents and other parties understand the current position of GPNA, especially in view of the Great Park Action Group activities, AND GPNA isn’t up and running  because its committee has yet to meet and sort out who does what.  There are interim measures in place and we hope to meet very soon.
Members approved the change to a larger area, and endorsed the constitution. Melbury and Warkworth Woods are going to present their decision to amalgamate to their upcoming AGM.
It was agreed that a priority was to simplify and streamline how residents get information and how they can report issues/problems. To this end it was agreed to work with the GP action group over reporting infrastructure issues, as a unified system had already been created and we all want what has been promised  It was acknowledged that the consortium want us to use their web site contact form, but it is unsatisfactory as you can’t send attached photos and more importantly don’t get a copy of what you have sent. A request via their web site and also by email in order to attach a copy of the minutes has been sent to the consortium on 4th May as follows:

Good morning, I am writing to you as interim chair of GPNA, the new larger residents association. Officers have not met yet to determine roles an how we plan to carry our work forward. I attach in separate emails a copy of our opening minutes for your reference. You will see that reporting issues to you was discussed. We fully understand the reasons for you asking for the web form to be used, and we would like to recommend this to residents. However we are unable to do so while people do not get a record of submission or are able to send an attachment, like a photo. Could you please add to the form the ability to send an attachment and more importantly, the functionality to send a copy to the person submitting. We understand that this is technically possible with the software you are using. Whilst modifying the form it would also be helpful to add a caption to the phone number field “without spaces” so that people know how to enter the number. It would be helpful if you would add this functionality to all of your web contact forms. Thanks Cathy Priestley

As yet there has been no response. It is felt to be important to share this as we also agreed all communications would be in the open for residents to see.
We haven’t yet had any other communications, but please be assured they will be shared with you and we will not respond on your behalf until we have had an opportunity to consult with you.

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