Holding Response on Web Form

We have written to the consortium requesting some improvements on their web site from.
We received a “holding” response on 10th May which goes as follows:

Dear Cathy

I understand the issues that you refer to below and can confirm that as an organisation we are looking into ways to improve our website. At present the website gives an acknowledgement email only, we are hoping to be able to give a more informed response to any submitted emails.

We are also looking into the website being able to attached photos etc to the original email.

I will keep you updated with any progress and I am hoping that in the very near future we will have the website that allows a better acknowledgement and enables customers to upload photographs etc.


Susan Cargill, Project Officer, Newcastle Great Park, Project Office

We have acknowledged this email and emphasised the importance of being able to send a copy to yourself for your records and to forward to GPAG if you choose.

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