AGM Minutes 2020

Meeting chaired by: Denise Gilholme

Minutes by: Lee Taylor


  • Lee Taylor (LT)
  • Sean Hood (SH)
  • James Allsopp (JA)
  • Stuart Cannon (SC)
  • Denise Gilholme (DG)
  • Tom McAlister (TA)
  • Welcome

Welcome to the meeting, apologies were made for the delay in hosting the AGM due to COVID 19


  • Joao Ortale (JO)
  • Claudia Birtwhistle (CB)
  • Nikky Jane (NJ)*
  • Dean Whitaker (DW)*
  • Previous Minutes/Actions
    • Available on the website
  • Chairs Report
    • Managed to have some recruitment success
    • Website has been successfully updated and freshened up since the last AGM
    • Maintaining monthly meetings with OT (Oliver Thompson)
      • Had initial success along with Anita, but this ceased in February due to the ongoing COVID 19 situation
      • Communications ongoing through email
    • Smoother ways of reporting issues
      • Use of the Work in Progress list has been improved
    • Broadband has been improved thanks to SH in cell C & cell E
      • Broadband should be good throughout most areas of Great Park
    • Speeding is still an issue within the Great Park
      • CB is co-opted as a safety officer
    • Biodiversity meetings have been attended by members of the committee
    • Ranger post is not filled
    • New Estates manager is now working for the consortium
    • Planning permission for first schools is now advancing
    • Town centre now has 3 occupied units, and it’s now a case of pushing forward to get more units occupied
    • General thanks for member’s dedication to the GPNA
  • Secretary’s Report
    • Document template has been implemented
    • Communications between residents and GPNA appear to be improved
    • WIP list appears to be working well to record the issues that are raised by residents
  • Treasurers Report
    • Reporting year end of 31Mar to be adopted by GPNA – accepted
    • No income received in the last year
    • Expenses in the last reporting year totalled £225
    • Outgoings since the end of the last reporting year £100
    • The cash balance is £1,226 as at the date of the AGM
    • Potential to get more funding in from the consortium
    • Financial authorisation for payments to be made by Treasurer with approval from one other committee officers. 
  • Election of members
    • All members present due for election at next AGM
    • No one stood against Officers
    • Check Members:
      • Gemma Nesbit
      • Sarah Malulia
      • Michael Forster
      • Paul Cross
      • Chris Marsden
  • Constitution
    • Constitution has been accepted and is to be put on to the template.
  • Next meeting
    • Wednesday 16Sep20 1930


* Apologies received after AGM


1Check previous minutes for when people joined GPNALT 
2Issue constitution to all committee members for final approval prior to issueLT 

Our current Committee Officers are:
Co-Chair – Sean Hood (IT & Comms)
Co-Chair – Denise Gilholme
Treasurer – James Allsopp
Secretary – Lee Taylor

Other members:
Nikky Jane
Michael Forster
Kirsty Martin – Greenside rep
Ruth Hewett – Melbury and Walkworth Woods rep
João Ortale
Stuart Cannon

Co-opted members:
Claudia Birtwisle – Traffic and safety

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