GPNA Update – September 2020

Meeting chaired by: Lee Taylor / Sean Hood
Minutes by: Lee Taylor
• Lee Taylor
• Sean Hood
• James Allsopp
• Kirsty Martin
• Stuart Cannon
• Anita Lower
• Nikky Jane

  1. Apologies
    Joao Ortale
    Claudia Birtwisle
    Denise Gilholme

  2. Previous Minutes/Actions
    • Estates drawings are currently being updated
    • New estates manager (Rachel Kadansky) appears very approachable and is very efficient, she aims to get things operating efficiently and doing what’s needed for the estate
    • Estates manager would like to meet the residents at some point in future
    • Anita Lower met estates manager, she currently needs authority from developers as they hold the budgets, bonds to the developers will need to be broken at some point.
    • Make request for estates fund to be managed by consortium, not the developers.
    • Ranger is in position now but is currently tied to the city centre. No ranger has been on site for over six-months.
    • Interactive strategic routes map should be added to the NPG website soon with a full website rebuild and ongoing development moving forward.
    • Electric charge points available, website notification to be put up.
    • Full landscaping plans are being reviewed by the landscaping architects with Newcastle City Council.
    • Bitesize guide to the estate/consortium/service charge
    • Bitesize guide to altering housing
    • Residents newsletter budget available from the community officer.
    • Contacting NCC about testing site, Ashwood close has a lot of people coming to the area trying to find the place, people not reading signs, signage has been stabilised.
    • Member database to be set up, needs to be password protected for GDPR
    • Constitution to be issued

  3. Issues List
    • No major issues brought up in the last month
    • Hedge heights to be checked
    • Roads to be swept as full of road grit
    • Some drains are blocked on site by soil & detritus
    • Lights around greenside and great park, some not finished.
    • Some of the paths still do not have wearing course
    • Temporary bridges still in place, when will the permanent bridges be installed by the environment agency?

  4. Town Centre
    • Supermarket is going ahead
    • Plans going forward with supermarket, hoping to be on site before Christmas might be hearing more from planning within 12 weeks
    • Three interested parties currently moving forward with regards to retail units
    • Letter form Neighbourhood Association to Michelle with regards to what the residents want in the town centre.
    • Newcastle City Council ensured there was power under the footpaths in the town centre and would encourage a Christmas tree to be installed by the council.

  5. Any other business
    • Adoption of the roads by the council, what is the consortiums/developers plans for this?
    • No limits on the time frame for the developer handover the roads
    • Note that after the meeting, the speed awareness indicator has finally been replaced driving into the estate

  6. Next Meeting
    • 28Oct20 1930
ActionAssigned to
1Find latest estate plans & printLT
2Weekly update – include about road signs – Make this monthly now that issues have dropped?SH/DG
3Full review of issues with new EM would be useful in futureTBC
4Look at bitesize guides for residentsAll
5Check previous minutes for when people joined GPNALT
6Issue constitution to all committee members for final approval prior to issueLT
7Residents newsletter budgetLT
8Letter to Michelle from GPNALT

Co-opted members:
Claudia Birtwisle – Traffic and safety

Our current Committee Officers are:
Co-Chair – Sean Hood (IT & Comms)
Co-Chair – Denise Gilholme
Treasurer – James Allsopp
Secretary – Lee Taylor

Other members:
Nikky Jane
Michael Forster
Kirsty Martin – Greenside rep
Ruth Hewett – Melbury and Walkworth Woods rep
João Ortale
Stuart Cannon

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