Setting up RA for BV and BG

Minutes of the first meeting for setting up the Residents Association for Brunton Village and Grange, Great Park.

Held on 20/05/2015.  18:30 at The Falcons Nest


Chris,  Matt,  Craig,  Claire,  Nathan,  Steven,  Andy.

Committee roles:

Matt – Chair

Craig – Vice Chair

Steven – Secretary

?? – Treasurer

Tech Support – Andy

Possible Events committee- Claire happy to be involved with this.

(This would need to be set up to have more members).


Need a copy of the signed constitution (not in draft form) and without draft across it – Steven to action then send round.

This is needed to enable us to set up a bank account.

Those at the meeting agreed no changes to be made to the constitution as yet.


Need to be proactive and let the neighbourhood know about the RA.

Need to let them know the purpose of the RA.

How to do the above :   Possible posters or flyers

To be placed in the following places : Community Centre, School,  Bowmont House,  Taylor Wimpey Sales Office, Notice board at bus stop on Waggonway Drive.

We need to be an inclusive group and ensure that ALL of Brunton Village /  Grange know about us. Also to remember that those in Bowmont House may not have web access so to send a written newsletter to them. Also if people have a point to raise then they should really attend an RA meeting.

Thoughts to promote the RA – Facebook page / group. 

Will need to be monitored closely. Will also need to be moderated – other groups have been close to being closed down in the past…..

How to ensure only Brunton Vill / Grange residents – they will need to confirm their address for us to include them as FB group members.

Re facebook – Craig will speak to Laura re the original FB Group for Brunton Grange / Village to let her know that we are hoping to set up a new FB group but as a RA group.


Email address to be set up as follows:

One that only the committee members can access.

One that all residents can access

Andy to sort these addresses out as tech support.

Document storage also to be actioned by Andy – ? google cloud storage to be sorted out.

Web presence:

Discsussion took place re the following:

Facebook group to be set up – to contact Laura who set up original Grange/Village facebook group to let her know our plans.  Craig to speak to Laura

Also discussed as web page as other ‘cells’ have done – thoughts were to set a web page known as ‘Brunton Residents Assosciation’.

‘Melbury and Warkworth Woods’ and ‘Greenside’ have a web page.

Will need to promote our own when actioned.

FB group page – will need to make it clear that any ‘issues and grumbles’ put onto the FB Page will be actioned by the RA as appropriate.

Setting the plans for action:

Sort out constitution – Steven to action.

Encourage people to email the RA with their concerns.

Ensure we give people the resources, information and support to resolve their issues. If we cannot

then we need to let them know.

Ensure that people understand that we are here to provide support to solve issues that pertain to the whole group.  Individual issues will be looked at and actioned if the RA feel it to be appropriate.

Setting up a social sub-group would be beneficial.

Thoughts are to organise a social event to promote the RA. ? the venue.  Discuss at next meeting in further detail.


The group discussed a charter.

Main aim of the charter is : ‘Empowering the community to come together to make a positive difference’

Other aims of charter:

  • to give residents a voice
  • to raise matters of concern
  • to answer questions raised by residents
  • ensure the estate is maintained
  • to bring the community together

Promote that the benefits are:

Access to a forum

Ability to speak up

Finances and funding:

Need to sort out a treasurer – Craig to approach someone he knowns re this.

Also need to sort out a bank account to enable us to apply for funding, will need signed constitution for this.     Steven to sort out constitution doc and get addresses from committee members.

Other thoughts:….

Find out who the councillors are for our ward.   Steven will sort

Discussed legal issues – where to keep information from those who apply to join the RA – data protection law (thoughts are to destroy info after it has been used)

Next meeting:

Date :    11/6/2015

Time :    18:30

Venue: Flacons Nest Pub