Meeting with Consortium and GP Co-ordinator 18th March 2019

Much awaited meeting with the Consortium Project Director/Managing Agent and the Communities GP co-ordinator. They each provided their own description of their roles and answered questions from the committee. Perhaps more significantly there is now much more clarity about channels of communication. You can read the fully story in the minutes but in summary it has been proposed that:

1) The existing advice to residents to report issues on the GP via the contact form on the consortium web site stands. At our request the consortium have implemented file uploads for photos and an immediate reply with a copy of what has been submitted. Residents are then free to retain and/or share this copy with us, GPAG and/or Anita Lower.
2) The issue list has not been updated recently because no one was there to do it, however Olly is currently working on an update and has agreed that monthly updates would be most helpful with additional ones in between if there is something important to share.
3) GPNA can raise issues directly with Olly, and he will correspond directly with us if there is information it would be helpful to share with residents. Such information will continue to be available on their web site too.
4) A new way of communicating via a quarterly meeting with NA/RA elected officers, the Project Director, Anita Lower and any council officers relevant to the agenda topics is to be trialled. The old RAs and more recently GPNA have pressed hard to be part of the meetings between the council and consortium, and this idea promoted by Anita Lower should put an end to meetings “behind closed doors”. Olly also suggested that some written material is exhibited quarterly for residents who prefer to be informed that way.

Updates on the major areas of work were covered (please see minutes).
Olly confirmed he is the “Agent” for the management companies, and although time constraints meant no further discussion on this took place, GPNA do have plans to raise a number of concerns. If there is anything you want us to sayon this topic, please email us by the contact form or write a comment on our FaceBook page..

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