Brunton Grange and Village Residents Association Committee.

Meeting held on 24/10/2016 at 19.00hrs


Craig Kaminsky             Vice Chair

Steven Meldrum            Secretary

Clair Sanders                Events

Christine Young             Committee member


Matt Deacon                 Chair

Matters arising:

Minutes of AGM – not discussed therefore assumed accepted.

Committee members:

Yan Shek has tendered his resignation as Treasurer with immediate effect.

All agreed the need to find another but no immediate hurry as bank account details not yet clear – if we have an account yet or not.

Steven to chase bank acc progress with Matt.

TP1 issues:

Christine advised that there are issues with some residents who are in breach of their TP1 in the following manners:

? Running a car selling business from home.  Multiple cars parked around the estate in visitor bays or on the road. ? If Registered with Newcastle City Council.

Liveried vans on drives and running a business from home. Window cleaning business – ? If registered with Newcastle City Council.

Both of the above – David Abercrombie is aware of these and has served notice on both via the TP1 that they both will have been made aware of when they bought their houses.

David awaiting a reply – he is on holiday at present so no answer as yet.

Agreed the following:

To post on Facebook asking if residents have experienced issues with regard to the misuse of Visitor bays. 

If we get several replies we can use this to present to David Abercrombie.

Christine to liaise with David Abercrombie re this and update the group when she has more info.


Several complaints of drains being blocked – can we check when out and about and let Steven know the location of these drains – Steven will then contact the consortium re these.

Steven to chase up

Street lighting:

Again issues with some street lights not working, this seems to be an ongoing problem.

Steven advised the he emailed Taylor Wimpey Customer Care recently to report faulty lights.

All made aware that this can be done via Customer Care or via the consortium.

All to monitor and report to Customer Care or The Consortium.


Some concern re the lack of road markings have been raised by committee members and also by other residents.

Since Roseden Way was opened up fully there is no clear indication as to who has right of way here.

Also the state of some of the planting on street corners is causing visibility problems when pulling out of junctions.

Thoughts of the committee included the following:

Temporary road markings.

Temporary Give Way signs.

Email David Abercrombie re our concerns.

Also discussed the lack of street signs on Phase 1.  Elemore Close only has 1 sign yet there are 3 different ways into Elemore Close.

Leasingthorne Way – only 1 street sign in place.

Lynemouth Way – only 1 street sign in place.

Steven to email David Abercrombie re the above.

Park maintenance

The ‘Green’ at Elemore Close – more frequent maintenance is evident, aware that trees have yet to be replaced.  Advised that the planting season for trees and shrubs is November onwards.

All to monitor this.

Bins are now in place around the development. Some feedback has been negative from residents – ? What.

All at the meeting expressed positivity re the bins now being in place.

The plan is for these to be empties on a 2 weekly schedule but David Abercrombie has advised one resident that this may need to be altered due ti the amount of rubbish being deposited in the bins.

Play Parks

The second play park at the end of Leasingthorne has yet to materialise. We had been informed that this was going to planning several months ago but nothing has appeared as yet.

Steven to email David Abercrombie.


The promised allotments have still not appeared on the development.  David Abercrombie advised that the hold up was due to Newcastle City Council.  We need answers as to what the hold up is and why it has not been resolved as yet.

Steven to chase.

Section 106 documentation

Craig to find this document as it contains valuable details re trigger points in the development.


Recent crime in the development, cars being vandalized, property being damaged etc.

Need to find out who our area Police team are in order that we have a contact to approach.

Also to post on Facebook the need to people to be vigilant.

Christine to find out who the area police are.

No other business.


Steven to collate a list of questions from the above and contact David Abercrombie re these.

Steven to collate a list of questions from the above and contact Anita Lower re these.

Need to invite David Abercrombie and Anita Lower to a meeting – separate meetings to address our ongoing concerns.

Date of Next Meeting:

Monday 14th November


Falcons Nest Pub