Mud and Speeding

We have been asked to pass on to you the contents of this email from David Abercrombie, NGP Project Director.

“Basically, the construction in Cell D is resulting in mud on the road and parking problems whilst there are still ongoing issues in terms of traffic passing the school on Roseden Way. I met the Construction directors this morning and have agreed the following actions. 
Both companies have written today to all sub contractors and suppliers with a plan of the construction routes and operating hours; 
I have instructed our annual monitoring of multi modal splits to be undertaken early and include speed monitoring and vehicle recognition so we can take action over any suppliers, contractors or staff using Roseden Way. We will be recording speeds and vehicle numbers adjacent to the school probably next week, this may also pick up residents speeding but so be it; 
We are this week installing No Construction Access signs on the western access onto Roseden Way; 
Both companies are undertaking tool box talks with all staff tomorrow making them aware of all issues and setting out a warning procedure if they do not adhere; 
I have today agreed additional onsite parking and by the close of business Friday there will be appropriate parking within Cell D for site parking. We will review if necessary; 
At present there is a blade removing all mud and debris from the internal road in Cell D. There is also a road sweeper on site 8 times per day from Cell D to the top of Waggonway Drive. 
I am from tomorrow serving notice on any vehicle be it resident or construction who are parked unreasonably threatening to remove the vehicle. This has been successful in the past and will continue with this for the next couple of weeks; 
We are also investigating wheel wash facilities within Cell D but it depends on drainage arrangements, I we will keep you updated; 
and finally We are putting proposals forward for new construction accesses onto Brunton Lane, if this can be achieved it will take all construction access away from Roseden Way and Waggonway Drive. I will submit proposals to the council next week for them to consider.”

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