GPNA Update April 2021

NGP Banking. ManCo have now closed the HSBC bank account and now have a Barclays account in place. ManCo will communicate the new details to the GPNA and to the NGP website, whilst also reaching out to all the residents who have had standing orders cancelled. Please visit

Great Park Spine Road. Junction 4-5 is still on target to be completed April 2021 with the project on target for completion in March 2022.

A Pothole review. Pothole review is now underway via the developers technical team. Updates on filling will be provided when the ManCo receives site of the plans.  

Animal Crossings. The ManCo has received all drawings back from the community centre for the animal crossing signs, these are now in production and will be installed in the coming weeks.

Street lighting. First monthly streetlight audit is arranged for last week of April and the streetlighting numbering will start in the next 2 weeks. The numbering will be phased and completed once the each cell technical drawings have been completed.

Builders waste. Work is mostly completed but a small number of outstanding works remain due to heavy lifting required.

Town Centre. Interest in the town centre units has significantly increased over the last month. To date, the consortium have indicated that there are a further 9 units engaged in early discussions with potential operators on top of the 4 previously identified units which continue at advanced legal stages. The exact locations will be identified in an updated visual via NGP at the end of April.

Bins in open spaces. Additional bins are continued to be monitored weekly.  The current number in place is working well, however the ManCo will continue to monitor as they expect an increase of waste in holiday periods, in which case extra collections will be identified.

Play Parks. A purchase order for play park new equipment for Cells F, G and H and remedial works to Cells C and I has been raised. ManCo waiting on a programme of works being issued from Playdale once they have delivery dates confirmed. The aim is to roll out a programme of works starting in June to ensure that only one play park is out of use at any one time, avoiding works in school holidays. Exact dates will be issued via the NGP website.

Speed signage and traffic calming measure: The ManCo are continuing to press the necessary parties to come to a resolution on design a signage across the estate. GPNA officers will aim to escalate this with NCC Director of Place.

Summer Fayre and Events. The ManCo, GP Community Centre team and NCC communities officer have begun a significant plan to host a summer fayre in Great Park. Further details will follow soon along with community engagement to support local business and trade. Additional to this, GPNA and the ManCo are also drafting guidance for residents to potentially host organised street parties throughout the summer months.  

School Update. Please follow the link to see update on Broadway East development.

Closing Remarks

Can residents please remember to contact the ManCo via the website. This is to ensure that the official monitoring of issues is centralised rather than scattered between staff members of the GPNA.

If there is anything else that you would like to see in the next update, have any comments on issues raised in this, or would like something to be raised by the GPNA with the NGP management company, or Consortium please contact us by email to

4 thoughts on “GPNA Update April 2021

  • 28th April 2021 at 9:01 am

    Is anything scheduled to be done about the mess left after street lights installed some time ago along the path that runs from the playpark up to the Community Centre, near the football pitch? The rubble needs to be covered with soil and reseeded – not a big job I would have thought but it looks awful at present.

    Also, the state of the footbridges leading to Greenside. They really spoil an otherwise attractive area!

  • 8th May 2021 at 8:56 am

    Any idea when an updated locations visual for the new shops will be posted by NGP?

    According to this update it was to be at the end of April.

    Can you ask them for an update please?

    • 8th May 2021 at 8:49 pm

      Hi Gary, our next catch up meeting is on 13th May and this is on our agenda to chase for an updated version.


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