Fibre Broadband Update

As always, we are continuing to work closely with OpenReach and the consortium to provide fibre broadband to the whole of Newcastle Great Park. There have been updates across all of the remaining cabinets which I will detail below:

Cabinet 21 – Cell C (Elmwood Park)

As you may have noticed, today there are lots of OpenReach vans on Elmwood as they are now about to start laying the cables through the streets! I know it is very tempting, however please try not to keep interrupting them to ask when they will be finished etc, as that will only stop them working – if they crack on, there is a very good chance some of you may have upgraded by Christmas.

No one will be able to order until the whole area is commissioned, so no need to ask them to do your house first.

The end is in sight!

How do I upgrade and who with?
There is quite a limited choice for who you can upgrade with as not all suppliers have signed up to resell OpenReach FTTP lines yet. BT has been the obvious choice due to price for a long time, but I have managed to get Zen to agree a huge drop in order to give you more of a choice now. Please see below for facts on the two options:

2 thoughts on “Fibre Broadband Update

  • 9th December 2019 at 1:48 pm

    Hi there.

    Any further update ? Do we have an idea how would we order via BT?

    Thanks for the updates.

    • 9th December 2019 at 3:25 pm

      Hi Matt,

      As discussed, if you are already with BT then you will want to call them to make sure they will restart your contract to avoid any cancellation fees. When an update is ready, I will put this on the Facebook Groups, this website, and the website.

      Kind Regards,

      Sean Hood


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