GPNA Meeting Minutes 15Jul20

Committee Meeting 15Jul20 1930hrs


Ref: 20200720 Committee Meeting Minutes 15Jul20 FINAL v1.0

Meeting chaired by: Denise Gilholme

Minutes by: Lee Taylor


  • Kirsty Martin (KM)
  • Claudia B (CB)
  • Lee Taylor (LT)
  • Denise Gilholme (DG)
  • Sean Hood (SH)
  • Michael Forster (MF)
  • Nikki Jane (NJ)
  • James Allsopp (JA)
  • Stuart Cannon (SC)

Joao Ortale (JO)
Ruth Hewitt (RH)

  1. Previous Minutes/Actions
    • Estates manager has been appointed, she’s been introduced to the estate by OT and will in time be introduced to the GPNA
      • OT now fully back to Taylor Wimpey, only responsible for contractual elements of the consortium
      • EM manager role job description to be requested.
      • Structure for reporting issues to the consortium to be agreed with new EM and hopefully should make the control of issues clearer and more traceable
    • Estate plans to be printed, need the latest issue to be printed.
    • Weekly draft, big issue went out the other week, and another one will go out this week.
    • DG updated residents on various questions that the big update made.
    • AGM to be 07Aug20 1930hrs
    • FB doesn’t have an option for limiting choices
      • Could do a ballot box in the community centres
      • Could do a sample set
      • FB post to be used
      • Printed copies to be made available at the community centre
      • Posts to go up on the boards
      • Drop off completed suggestions to GPCC
      • Be good to be able to put forward to the retail people what residents are wanting on the site
    • No current Ranger in position for great park.
      • Used to have a full-time ranger for Havana and Great park
      • Awaiting response from NCC for ranger’s job description & who is in post.
  2. Issues List
    • Cyclists
      • Safety warning to be put up on the group
      • Consortium cannot do much about it
      • Give a general advice on cycling
      • Give advice on what paths can be cycled on
      • Get clarification from consortium about designated cycle paths
      • Many of the routes around the great park are apparently designated cycle routes by an appropriate estate map
      • Strategic routes maps could be issued again by consortium.
    • Road safety
      • Crossings needs in some areas
      • Feedback repeater sign
      • Been taken up with the council in February
      • Consortium has been informed
      • Manufacturers to repair it under warranty
      • Update to be put out to say that the consortium was aware that the sign was being taken to be repaired, but as yet don’t have a date for the return of the sign.
      • AL message about the sign was erroneous
    • Electric charge points
      • Who owns them
      • Who is responsible for them
    • People not happy with the green areas not being maintained appropriately
    • Full review would be useful
      • Landscaping
      • Traffic management
      • Town centre
      • Roads
      • Maintenance charge
      • Council adoptions/ consortium adoptions/ developer responsibilities
  3. Reactions to update
    • Good uptake
    • Doing a full post looked better
    • Looked lively, and more relatable
    • Issues were raised about the ranger
    • Lots of interaction
  4. Town centre
  5. Any other business
    • Constitution
      • Encourage clarity with the maintenance/service charges
      • HORNET – group for homeowners
      • Terms of reference for what is to be provided
      • Ask for a breakdown of costs
      • Cannot add an explicit article for services charges, but it is deemed as being part of the constitution already
    • Try and make a simplified view of how the maintenance service changes work and improve the understanding in the community with the aim to give clarity to how the estate changes work.
    • Aim to use the moral argument to encourage clarity from the consortium.
    • Challenge them on the S106 receipts
    • Bitesize bulletins can be used to simplify the complex elements of the estate
    • Consider the main issues that residents want to know about (eg. Top 10 issues)
    • Cooperative approach to be used with the consortium
    • Engage people to attend with the GPNA
    • Stuart Cannon – accepted by majority as a member of the consortium
    • Concerns about the COVID-19 testing site
      • Site is council owned
      • Signed over for 6 months for use
      • Can be raised with the councillors for clarity
      • Why does the carpark belong to NCC and not NGP?
      • Would be worth getting an acknowledgement from the council for the patients of the residents
      • Why weren’t residents consulted?
      • When will it be here until?
      • There has been an increase in estate traffic
      • Generally, the GPNA think it’s a positive thing for the area


1Find latest estate plans & printLT 
2Introductions to new estates management  
3Weekly update – include about road signsSH/DG 
4AGM date to send out 07 Aug 20 1930hrsLT 
5Ballot to be opened on FBSH/DG 
5.1Minimum responses required to be calculated for sample setLT/JO 
5.2Paper ballots to be designed and made available at GPCCSH/DG 
6Push for ranger details from NCCDG 
7Request strategic routes maps from the consortiumLT 
8Message consortium with regards to change points at flats, and if any public ones will be installedLT 
9Push for action from the consortium on areas of the open spaces that the residents aren’t happy aboutLT 
10Full review of issues with new EM would be useful in futureTBC 
11From point 5 create a desired outlets list for the consortiumLT/SH/DG 
12Look at bitesize guides for residents  
13Contact NCC with regards to the testing site in the park and rideLT 

Our current Committee Officers are:
Co-Chair – Sean Hood (IT & Comms)
Co-Chair – Denise Gilholme
Treasurer – James Allsopp
Secretary – Lee Taylor

Other members:
Nikky Jane
Michael Forster
Kirsty Martin – Greenside rep
Ruth Hewett – Melbury and Walkworth Woods rep
João Ortale
Stuart Cannon

Co-opted members:
Claudia Birtwisle – Traffic and safety

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