GPNA Update November 2020

Speed Sign

Unfortunately, the speed sign at the entrance to Roseden Way the speed sign is broken once more. Due to the repeated failure of the unit, Rachel has communicated to Newcastle City Council that if it can’t be permanently fixed that a brand-new unit is put in place.

Street Lighting

The management company has appointed the contractor MSF to complete streetlight auditing which is well under way. They will immediately quote for remedial work to be carried out and will number all lampposts to support a simpler method of reporting for the residents and future engineers. Unfortunately, due to the type of street lighting in Melbury/Warkworth, there is apparent difficultly in fulfilling the supply of the correct parts caused by supply chain issues in the pandemic. We appreciate how frustrating this is for residents affected.

Service Charges

Service charges / queries – The service charge should have been received by all. We are expecting the new NGP website to be released in the New Year which is understood to support more efficiency in payments in the future. Additionally, we acknowledge the continued difficulty in interpreting the service charges and the GPNA and management company will be co-producing some simplified documents in the future to support the interpretation of service charges and the various complexities of running of this estate.

Builders waste/rubble report

IDM have begun a report to collate where builders waste has been left in landscaped/completed areas of the estate, alongside their preparations for winter. The report will be produced for Rachel who will then present to the directors of TW and Persimmon to negotiate who completes this work and the associate payments/cost this may incur to the management company.


This process has now moved from the consortium and into the hands of the Newcastle City Council planning department awaiting approval. This is at its most advanced stage yet and we are hoping for a decision around late November/early December so as they can move forward with construction. We share the resident’s frustration at the lack of progress but do get a sense that this is really drawing closer now and will be excellent news for Great Park.

Town Centre

Two more prospective tenants are in advanced discussions with the consortium and are nearing contract stage. Negotiations are also being carried out with one further party. We are encouraged by this news but are reminded of the difficult global situation we are in and must recognise the continuing struggle to advance business and investment during this pandemic at a pace we would like. We do believe the future announcement of the supermarket will encourage further interest and investment.

Play Parks

Under Government guidelines, it is permitted to continue to use all parks on the estate. Unfortunately, some historical signs were not removed, and this will be rectified in due course. The play park annual ROSPA inspections have been completed with minor remedial works required. These works are in the process of being priced and due to be completed through December/January.

Park Ranger

In the section 106 agreement for Newcastle Great Park, the developers had to fund an NCC-provided post for a park ranger. Since the beginning of the year, there has not been a park ranger in post, but the developers continued to fund the position. NCC and the developers have agreed for this position to taken internally to the Newcastle Great Park Management Company, continuing to be funded directly from the developers. This is an exciting prospect that will reap benefits to the effective and timely response to maintenance queries raised by the residents. We firmly believe that this will also require a public facing/customer service element where residents will enjoy a strong future relationship. The appointment of this post is expected to be made before Christmas.

Labour MP for Newcastle North

GPNA Committee are to respond to our MP Catherine McKinnell to discuss her latest update, which did not include most of the latest movements, or had any involvement from any of GPNA, or Rachel at the Management Company. We are despondent about this but determined to ensure a collective working arrangement which will use political influence and community action to continue to serve the interests of Great Park well.

Christmas activity

On several occasions we have seen the fantastic community spirit of the residents throughout the year. We share the hope that Christmas will be a period where we can really enjoy and be with our family. As we proceed during the second lockdown, we feel frustrated to have to contain community gatherings in line with Government guidelines. That said, Anita Lower, the local church, and residents have been working on plans in principle for some Christmas events that could bring some much-needed festive cheer on the estate, we all await the government updates in December with real hope.  

We have also had many enquiries about Christmas decorations on the open estate. Since arriving in post in the summer, Rachel has tried with some real difficulty to bring the type and standard of public display we deserve and felt last minute, high costs would not bring value for money from the management company. Rachel will turn her attention to Christmas planning for 2021 at the beginning of the year.

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  • 23rd November 2020 at 3:25 pm

    On Saltwick Avenue numbers 1-12 in the grass verge odd side of path are the ragged remains of the flag poles which are dangerous to children or animals walking / playing in this area . I have reported this eight years ago and nothing has been done? These are hard to spot but are a accident waiting to happen there is three of them


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