GPNA Committee Meeting Minutes 26Oct20

Committee Meeting 26Oct20 1930hrs


Ref: 20201124 Committee Meeting Minutes 26Oct20 v1.0

Meeting chaired by: Lee Taylor / Sean Hood

Minutes by: Lee Taylor


  • Lee Taylor
  • Sean Hood
  • Stuart Cannon
  • Racheal Kadansky
  • Claudia Birtwisle
  • Kirsty Martin
  • Apologies
    • Joao Ortale
    • Anita Lower
    • Nikky Jane
    • Ruth Hewitt
  • Previous Minutes/Actions
    • No comments on latest minutes
    • Latest estates plans getting updated and will be done in phases
      • First set is land scaping
      • Plans are getting broken down into separate cells
      • Next level of plans is for the adoptions
      • What’s managed by the consortium, developers, consortium, NCC. Will take a while to deal with as requires full review of deeds.
      • Adoption register will be created showing what has been adopted and what should be adopted, along with what will be adopted
    • Weekly updated to be changed to monthly updates as the amount of issues has reduced.
    • Issues list
      • Full review of existing issues list to be completed see what is outstanding and what can be closed out
    • Bitesize guides
      • Estates information to be prioritised
    • Membership log
      • Minutes go back for a few years, now been organised properly and will be reviewed going forward to make a register of members including voting onto the committee and due dates for renewal.
      • Probably done as a database
    • Updated constitution has been sent out
      • Can be issued now as no comments received.
    • Newsletter
      • Newsletter can be done in conjunction with the consortium
      • NGP newsletter has been designed in-house to reduce costs.
    • Letter to Michele
      • To be done which includes the research.
  • Issues List
    • Road sign broken again following a recent repair
    • Light repairs on estate
      • Dean’s been checking lights
      • 32 lights require repaired
      • Open space audit for lights requiring fittings has been completed
      • Due to manufacturers going into lockdown has caused a delay in the parts for the lights – they cannot keep up with demand currently
      • Full park wide review is going to be done.
    • Street cleaning in the estate
      • Great park way has a lot of road grit that is building up and can cause damage to cars
      • Builders waste is getting around the park
      • IDM are doing a full review of the site for the developers to track extent of builders rubbish
    • Sunken area of the road near the covid testing centre as it approaches the round about
      • At the crossing near the project office
    • Construction traffic is entering the site before 8am
      • Sign to stop them is in the wrong location now
      • Sign should be on great park way so that traffic can stop on the dual carriage way.
    • Invoices are due out imminently
  • Latest meeting with estates manager
    • Christmas tree
      • Company has been out to review the area and another two are coming out
      • This is late so there is not much choice
      • Usually this is arranged in January ready for the next Christmas.
      • Costs are in excess of £10k may be better to save the money this year and do something better next year
      • Choice of putting the tree at the town centre, or on the entry road about.
    • Supermarket
      • Update is due
      • It is currently in for planning still
    • New website will be launched in 2021 for the NPG management company
    • Wellie walks plans
    • Adoptions are being looked at through-out the site to see how they can be progressed to adoption
    • Units could potentially be split into smaller units if necessary
    • Neither Taylor-Wimpey or Persimmon can say “no” to a business that wants to take a unit
    • Flow chart has been made to show the ownership of responsibilities within the estate
    • Rachael is happy to be the residents voice to Taylor-Wimpey and Persimmon/Consortium
    • Trying to separate the management company more from the consortium.
    • Looking into the customer service journey on the site.
      • Should soon have improvements to this
    • Park ranger
      • No current ranger in position
      • Contributions have been paid to NCC from the consortium for this
      • Request has been made to pay this fee to the management company instead and have a management company ranger to deal with day to day maintenance on site
      • Site ranger will do regular audits of footpaths, lights, roads etc.
  • Any other business
    • None
  • Next Meeting
  • Dates to be sent out for WC 30Nov20 -WE 13Dec20


1Find latest estate plans & printLT 
2Weekly update – include about road signs – Make this monthly now that issues have dropped?SH/DG 
3Full review of issues with new EM would be useful in futureTBC 
4Look at bitesize guides for residentsAll 
5Check previous minutes for when people joined GPNALT 
6Issue constitution to all committee members for final approval prior to issueLT 
7Residents newsletter budgetLT 
8Letter to Michelle from GPNALT 

Our current Committee Officers are:
Co-Chair – Sean Hood (IT & Comms)
Co-Chair – Denise Gilholme
Treasurer – James Allsopp
Secretary – Lee Taylor

Other members:
Nikky Jane
Michael Forster
Kirsty Martin – Greenside rep
Ruth Hewett – Melbury and Walkworth Woods rep
João Ortale
Stuart Cannon

Co-opted members:
Claudia Birtwisle – Traffic and safety

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