GPNA Update December 2020

Message from GPNA

2020 has undoubtedly been a year to forget. However, what has been clear in 2020 is the presence of an outstanding community spirit and one where we all have become closer and more responsive to each other. Memories of clapping, rainbows in windows, the Great Park give away, the fantastic array of Christmas lights and many more individual efforts has really exemplified what makes this Park Great, the people that live here.

We are working hard behind the scenes to capture the community spirit and create a new beginning for relationships with Rachel and her team in the management company. Thankfully, things are starting to feel very different and we feel empowered to help things move at a pace that we have longed for. Let us stay positive.

Be kind, stay safe and have a wonderful Christmas.

December Updates

Speed Sign

The manufacturer was on site on Friday 11th December to repair/replace the speed signs, however they have advised they require a new part. Rachel does not expect them to have this fixed before the New Year due to the manufacturer closing from Friday 18th December for Christmas.

Street Lighting

The lighting audit has been carried out across the estate. The audit is looking at both unfinished lighting and lighting that requires repairs.

Rachels update: Due to timescales for the return of the tender pricing and the increasing complaints, I have instructed MSF to proceed with the faults and replacement lamps as per their audit (at the cost of the developers) and this work has begun already. We are still moving forward with the tendering of the streetlighting numbering and annual maintenance contract; however, this will be in the New Year.

Except for the streetlights that require connection (we need to engage the developer for these) all faults/lamp replacements found on the audit will be carried out this weekend.

Builders waste/rubble report

The audit has been completed and the developers (Taylor Wimpey and Persimmon) have agreed to pay for the resolution of this work. Rachel will continue this with IDM who will oversee its completion over the next month or two. Rachels update: a skip is being procured for the beginning of January at cost of developers to sort this.


We have been informed by counsellors that the planning application is proceeding positively with only minor tweaks to be carried out on the plans before they are approved. The developers and the client are ready to sign as soon as the plans are approved so that they can get the build underway. With these projects, it is very achievable to build and open within 12 months of approval, therefore we are optimistic that if the approval goes through early in Jan, that we will finally have our supermarket by the end of 2021. Any further information will be passed on via GPNA as and when it becomes publicly available.

Rachels update: A communication is now being prepared from the developers which will be issued to the press, residents and NCC early in Jan.

Town Centre

We continue to be updated around the Town Centre and understand that two prospects are in advanced legal negotiations and we are hoping that these agreements can be completed so that the vendors can be announced. We understand that there are also a few more potential parties interested in units, however, they are waiting for confirmation of the supermarket to press ahead – once the supermarket has the planning approved, we would like to think that units will start to fill at a much quicker pace due to the expected increase of potential customers attracted to the area.

Play Parks

The work (ROSPA) on the playparks is still expected to be completed on schedule for Dec/Jan.

Rachels update: This is currently on hold due to the team carrying out the remedial work are having a breakout of COVID. They have advised they will be in touch in January to re-schedule. New equipment is being provided as well as repair of current kit. Residents will be advised of the equipment being replaced for comments.

Park Ranger

The maintenance support for the park that is being taken as an in-house role of the NGP Management Company has had applications open for a few weeks now and has had a lot of interest. The application deadline is 23rd December. The candidates will be vetted and interviewed in due course, with a hope to have the position filled and on the park by the end of February.

Christmas Lights

The small display of Christmas lights next to the town centre looks great for such a quick turnaround and hopefully this will make the winter night walks a lot more cheerful for our community. The management company will be looking to start planning for a bigger and more organised display early next year to ensure prices are more reasonable and in fitting with the expectations of the residents. The lights next to the town centre are synced with the streetlights so should switch on/off at the same time as the streetlights.


We have requested that the bin situation across NGP is reviewed due to the repeated overflowing of bins, mainly due to dog waste. Rachel has agreed that more bins are required around the strategic routes for dog walking and is going to investigate specific bins purpose built for dog waste in these areas. The bins are currently emptied on a Saturday morning, but we have also asked to review whether a mid-week empty is now also required to ensure bins do not overflow. Over the next couple of months, we will be monitoring closely to ensure that the constant overflow of bins and dog waste thrown on the floor becomes a thing of the past.

NGP Website

The NGP Management Company have been getting a new website designed which is hoped to make the information about the park a lot more accessible, but also allow the ability to raise issues with the park a lot easier. Not only will it make the tickets raised more visible to you, but will categorise the tickets, and allow Rachel to report on the amount, types and resolved tickets across the park regularly so that all this information is public moving forward. By making this information public, the community will be able to see the workload across the park and allow the management company to spot areas of weakness that can be improved on.

Access to Strategic Routes – Osprey Walk

An open issue for a while has been that there was meant to be access to the strategic routes through a gate at the bottom of Osprey Walk (which currently has a man-made path due to the amount of pedestrian traffic). The developers have agreed to open the fence and create a gravel pathway to join the strategic route. Rachel is getting these works tendered.

Adoption of NGP

One main topic which has been in the background of the agenda for GPNA for many years has been the council adoption. Rachel has assured us that this remains a significant priority for the management company and will continue this significant piece of work with David Abercrombie, with an initial focus on Melbury. Once a scheduled has been created by Rachel and David, we will see if we can get access to make the scheduled public for all to see.

Wagonway Road Repair

Road damage on Wagon Way (leaving the estate on approach to roundabout for Sir Bobby Robson Way) has been raised by GPNA and have been brought to the attention of the developers’ technical team. They have been out and marked up the damaged areas and repairs have been scheduled into the NESS (North East Site Services) programmed works due to be carried out early January. There will be couple of signs installed prior to Christmas warning of the upcoming remedial works.

Closing Remarks

If there is anything else that you would like to see in the next update, have any comments on issues raised in this, or would like something to be raised by the GPNA with the NGP management company, or Consortium please contact us by email to

Merry Christmas from the GPNA Committee

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