GPNA Update January 2021

Speed Sign

The speed signs should now both be fully operational.

Street Lighting

Repairs commenced in December with a number of lights (16) requiring parts ordered (actioned). Full street lighting plan for the whole park, including areas lit and unlit has commenced via ManCo.

Builders waste/rubble report

Skip has been ordered but delays in supply. Update in February.


Owing to the Christmas break, we are awaiting the planning decision expected from Newcastle City Council during January. We have assurances that the developers and prospective tenants are preparing press releases and residents will be informed via the Management Company and GPNA simultaneously.

Town Centre

Two prospects continue in advanced legal stages. One further prospect has a small delay owing to related commercial developments around the Supermarket.

Parcel Drop Off/Collection Points

Discussions have been had to advance potentially sourcing an Amazon locker asset within GP. Additionally, we have been informed that one of the potential prospects will have capacity for other parcel delivery (Such as DHL Drop off etc).

Play Parks

ROSPA have continued to be delayed due to the pandemic and sourcing resources to carry out instructed work. Additionally, there is ongoing discussions between the ManCo and Developers as to the best approach for ongoing maintenance via a tiered system. These discussions will be presented to developer 29th Jan.

Park Ranger

ManCo have shortlisted potential candidates and are devising plan for interviews considering lockdown restrictions and home working conditions. Outcome of appointee provided in February update.

Christmas Lights

ManCo will begin Christmas light planning from Easter to source and agree scale/costing with respect to resident wishes and expectations.


Residents are keen to see more/bigger bins across the park. ManCo will consider cost of actioning an increase in bins and consult.

NGP Website

The new NGP website will be live in early February. Its new features will also include a tracking form for the reporting of park issues, with early discussions about using what 3 words as an option to reporting issues. There will also be an updated payment option and access to Park wide information.

Access to Strategic Routes – Osprey Walk

An opening will be made in the fence and gravel will be added to create a footpath between Osprey Walk and the Strategic Route path.

Adoption of NGP

The work has begun but the size of the task will be a limiting factor of speed. Initial focus however will be on Melbury.

Management Company Bank Issues

The banking errors that the management company raised, and account access has been resolved. There are no changes to their payment information, therefore no change for the residents.

Small Bridges

These are being tendered for repairs as showing signs of erosion. Taylor Wimpy have signed off, awaiting signoff from Persimmon.

Closing Remarks

If there is anything else that you would like to see in the next update, have any comments on issues raised in this, or would like something to be raised by the GPNA with the NGP management company, or Consortium please contact us by email to

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