GPNA Update February 2022

The following are a list of topics/issues that the residents and GPNA have posted to NGP management company for consideration internally or with NCC and the consortium. There are still some outstanding answers which will be answered in a further update in the next few weeks or so.

  1. Spine road update – the last phase of the spine road was completed in December 2021. This is now awaiting highways signoff with Newcastle City Council and still currently remains on schedule for a March/April opening subject to sign off.
  2. Great Park have recently had a Community Wildlife Outreach Officer (Alex) appointed to work on the estate 2 days a week. The work is a dedicated role for Great Park with the aim to connect residents with nature on their own doorstep through fun, educational and meaningful nature-based activities. Alex will be doing a small write up for the Great Park website/newsletter introducing herself and GPNA have arranged a meeting to engage and promote her work directly with residents.  
  3. We have raised the need to recruit extra resource within the ManCo to increase administrative/financial duties as the park grows and have indications that an extra full-time role is being recruited into.
  4. Tendering process  – GPNA officers continue to push for clarity around tendering processes for landscaping and street light maintenance. Both tenders will be due review next year with continued strong voice for value and quality.
  5. Costs for gritting – A regular winter feature on the park to provide more grit around the park. ManCo will survey residents to ascertain demand.  
  6. Heron Crescent flats damage – The damage has been confirmed by Kingston Property Services as being covered under insurance and are booking in the work to repair imminently. We are chasing for a date.
  7. Dog Park – several requests from residents to look at the possibility of a dedicated, fenced off dog area within the park, replicating several models across Newcastle. The ManCo have agreed to survey resident interest, costs and locations etc. This is likely to require planning permission as a change of use.
  8. Bike racks – Raised several months ago, bike racks are being installed within the next few weeks in the town centre to support sustainable travel – 2 racks/6 bike space – opposite OneStop to side of car park to start.
  9. Additionally, there will be more bollards installed to prevent cars from driving through town centre.
  10. Morrisons Update – Update provided on NGP Website 10/2/22 –
  11. Retail unit update – the microbrewery is still progressing through planning as well as the dental surgery which has had a few planning stumbles along the way. A new marketing push expected in March from @Retail to push the uptake of the remainder of the units.
  12. Litter – Officers have reported builders waste and a general increase in litter across the park. We have pushed the developer and ManCo about the delayed response in clearing waste and will consistently raise with NCC environmental teams should this be ignored.
  13. Adoption – Walkworth / Melbury / Greenside / Elmwood – Land has started to be adopted by ManCo – spine road from A1 to Sage back to developers to make good for adoption by NCC.
  14. Sage – Recent news indicated that Avant Homes have had an offer accepted to purchase the site. It is understood that there have been no change of use submitted to planning as of yet. Avant will take over on the service charge payments and will not affect overall income to the ManCo.
  15. Lighting – to inform residents that the lighting contractor surveys the site every 8-10 weeks in summer, every 4 weeks for winter – bulbs should be fixed within a week of survey, lights that fail more than 3 times will get replaced with an LED head.
  16. Schools Update – GPNA are personally engaging with the heads of both new schools to support their communication and transition on to Great Park. Meetings with Havannah First School Head is scheduled next week and we look forward to them relocating ready for the summer term. All updates on schools can be found on newsletters both on Broadway East and Great Park Academy websites.
  17. Covid Testing – We understand that there is a lease extension with NHS to December 2022. Future use of the Park & Ride site will be reviewed if/when the testing site gets closed down.
  18. 2 Bridges between Greenside and Brunton green – designs done and costed – still need council approval
  19. Parking on Roads by Contractors – Consistent complaints from residents and GPNA, ManCo to continue strong communications to the develops.
  20. Sustainable Urban Drainage (SUDS) . It came to the attention that the new A1 design meant that water drainage from the roads was to be diverted into GP SUDS. We have recently learnt that the SUDS were adopted by NCC in May 2020 and maintenance of the SUDs no longer falls under the overall service charge.   

Ongoing discussions requiring further dialogue:

  • Roseden Way Construction traffic – This will continue until Cell D completion – dates required from Rachel
  • Paths/bridleways completions – An ongoing push from residents and GPNA is the update on scheduled work to completed the unfinished paths and bridleways across the park. The ManCo will seek clarity form the Consortium on this, GPNA to update in due course.
  • Osprey Walk access to strategic routes still not available – Rachel to raise on Thursday in meeting with David Abercrombie
  • Transport – New stops being reviewed for Cell C – When Cell D is completed the bus will come down Cell F – changes for cell C will come into force in March and communication of how this looks will be sought.

If there is anything else that you would like to see in the next update, have any comments on issues raised in this, or would like something to be raised by the GPNA with the NGP management company, or Consortium please contact us by email to

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